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Kupi Dizajn
digital-product marketplace from Serbia

Kupi Dizajn is a digital-product marketplace from Serbia. The store sells Instagram publication designs, logos, and digital business cards. To distribute their electronic products, the company managers chose CS-Cart and customized its payment options. We integrated the new service adding installments and recurring billing options.

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NetPay Payment gateway integration

TID Authorization Modification

Implementing the project

NetPay Payment gateway integration

We integrated the NetPay system to safely transfer the card information from the website to the NetPay infrastructure using SSL. The service is good as it allows secure requests thanks to tokenisation. It also extends the legal entity obligations under PCI DSS. 

We added the “Recurring period” selection on the last checkout step. The customer can define the period for the recurring billing cycle: whether it will be a week, a month, or a year. 

Our developers enabled the refund functionality. It was seamlessly combined with the default CS-Cart refund functionality.

The new payment gateway has the Installments functionality. The administrator now has the ability to define the value for installments.The installment option is displayed on the last checkout step for the NetPay payment. The customer can select a specific installment. For example, ‘I prefer to pay in five installments”. The selected value is processed on the NetPay side and returned to CS-Cart.

Modification of the TID authorization system integration

We integrated the save credit card functionality within the TID (Terminal ID) and NetPay integrations. After the integration, customers can save their credit card data to repeat payment with less manual typing. The ID is stored within the system and used for future orders.

Terminal payment services are part of the NetPay ecosystem. They provide the capability for a purchase to be made on a payment terminal. It also allows customers to pay by mail order. We implemented the customer authorization via TID service. To implement it, we added a new “Sign in via TID” button on the “Sign In” form in the storefront. The customer is redirected to the TID service authorization page for the sign in action.


A customized store with handy payment options