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3 Cases When We Told Clients the Truth

Roman Ananev

Each decision made has consequences. The right decision will take the business to progress. The wrong one will hold you at the same point, or even take you a few steps back.
We at Simtech Development often encounter the fact that the client asks to modify the store, without being completely sure of the efficiency of the result. In such cases, our task is not simply to evaluate the future project, but to make sure the client understands that the improvement they order will make the store more efficient.
Study three cases when we plunged in the project specificity and offered our clients important improvements in addition to the technical task instead of following it blindly.

Case 1 “Abandoned cart” decreased by 70%

John came to us with an interesting and significant business problem: he had lots of abandoned cart in his online store. The analytics showed 75% of visitors kept leaving the store from the cart or checkout page. John was worried and decided to check the technical side of the store searching for the source of the problem. His idea was that new logic in the checkout process will prevent customers from abandoning the purchase.
We had a solution for him, but before proceeding to the development, we offered John the usability audit for his store. As a result, we found out that the logic was not the problem. The process of checkout was terribly long heavy and most of the visitors were not patient enough to complete it. We rewrote the process to shorten it. John was happy to continue growing his business as the metric immediately dropped down to 25%.

Case 2 On-site search the next day

Dave was looking for Sphinx/Elastic Search integration to improve the search on his site. We have competencies for developing on-site search functionality involving fast instant search, search result page with filters, etc. We also knew it would take time to accomplish this task and integrate the search with the store.
Instead of spending client’s budget on development, offered him a wonderful, ready-to-use solution – Searchanise widget. The widget was super easy to install and fulfilled all customer’s requirements. As the result, we saved Daves time and money. The next day the search in his store became several times faster, more convenient and effective, according to the GA Site Search Conversion Rate report.

Case 3 Good code = high speed

Diana wanted to make her online store faster. Read the following dialog.

Diana: I would like to upgrade my store to the next version.
Simtech Development: Could you tell us, what improvement are you expecting from the upgrade?
Diana: It provides more features, I’m sure that the site will become faster.
Simtech Development: Do you know exactly what is slowing down your website?

At the end of the dialogue, together with Diana, we found out that the upgrade would not be the most effective way to speed up her store. In her case code optimization and server optimization were the best options. As a result, Diana got the required load speed acceleration without upgrading the entire system, taking on unnecessary risks and extending the expenses.

With these cases we wanted to illustrate how we approach each project in terms of searching for the most effective solution for every individual store.
Please contact us, even if you are planning to develop or implement a solution, but have doubts about its effectiveness. We will help you to gain confidence or to find more suitable solution.

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