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Reasons to Upgrade PHP Version

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your PHP Version

PHP 7.3 is no longer supported. Starting from December 2021, the latest supported version is 7.4. For CS-Cart users, it implies the need to upgrade their websites’ PHP version to the least supported version to secure their businesses from threats accumulated by older versions. What are these threats? We’ll share them in this post!

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Image optimization for eCommerce sites

How to Optimize Images for Your eCommerce Site Best Performance

According to HTTP Archive, images make up on average 26% of a total webpage’s weight. So, this is the second place after the video content, that consumes your disk space. But as compared to video, images are easier to optimize. The better your images are optimized, the higher the site speed is. In this article, we share some image optimization tricks and techniques so that you can make your online store or marketplace load faster and convert more buyers.

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Load Testing by ASAP Lab

Why Do Large eCommerce Projects Need Load Testing?

Load Testing allows you to find out your eCommerce project maximum performance. How can you use it? Knowing your weak points and isolating them, you are better prepared for peak season sales like the upcoming Black Friday, you can launch a heavy traffic campaign, connect new services or add another system – any operation implying increase of traffic and load to your site. With Load Testing, you know for sure what you can!

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How did we implement security testing for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

How We Implemented Security Testing for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor and Made It More Secure

Meet ASAP Lab LTD, a partner of Simtech Development for security issues. Their team has already implemented security testing for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. These guys conduct scanning of vulnerabilities even in the third-party libraries and convey the found problems to the related developers. Here, in this post, Roman tells how his team finds issues with the CS-Cart core security and how they resolve them.

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3 Simple Steps to Set Up Emails

3 Simple Steps to Set Up Emails for Your Online Store Or Marketplace

Having an online business means effective communication with your customers. And what is an effective way to do this? Right, email marketing. Hopefully, the CS-Cart platform combines the store with the mailing capabilities. But anyway, you need to connect with an email registrar and configure it. In this article, we will examine how to do that in 3 simple steps and recommend some popular email services.

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How to recover from a hacker attack

Your Website Hacked: What to Do and How to Heal/Recover It (Step-By-Step Guide)

Nobody wants to get hacked. The safer your eCommerce business is, the more opportunities opens before it, the higher it can grow. That is why eCommerce brand owners should be aware of all the required steps to ensure their cybersecurity. But what should one do if a hacker attack has already happened. This guide will give your all the keys to keep your mind cold and take all the appropriate actions fast to recover.

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