Things to Consider While Keeping Your Online Project Secure

Gayane Tamrazyan
Concise Guide on Keeping Safety in eCommerce

There was much said about security and safety in cyberspace when an online project is at stake. Here we’ve just gathered the most striking examples and guides to help digital entrepreneurs to make their minds and get a full picture on all the activities they need to take to save their good faith and business. This is a selection of articles on security: real cases, action plans, and to-do lists that will be at your assistance when your site is exposed to a vulnerability.

Six Cases When Cloud Hosting Helped eCommerce Businesses

Six cases when hosting saved eCommerce projects

In this post, we share real cases with our hosting clients. Every story teaches us to be attentive and careful. In story 1, a customer got too many queries to the database from China even without having one from this country. After researching the issue, we came up with a simple solution that saved the client’s time, money, business and reputation. 

Another story is about an advertising campaign that almost crashed the monitoring system with alerts. This case is also teachable. Obviously, we helped the business owner to maintain the website stable operation while his promotion is on. What would happen if there was no monitoring from our side? Who knows. 

These cases tell us about how important it is to stay vigilant. But how to keep our server side locked for malicious bots and stay safe and running in case of an attack? 

Your Website Hacked: What To Do And How To Heal/Recover It

What to do if your website has been hacked

Hacking is scary, especially when financial prosperity of your business is involved. We elaborated a quick list of actions you should take as prompt as you can:

  • Take your time to act consciously, put your site in the maintenance mode
  • Keep your money with you, don’t pay attackers
  • Contact your hosting provider
  • Get rid of suspicious users who may have access to your account
  • Reset passwords
  • Proceed with virus scanning on the server
  • Remove unwanted files
  • Update and reinstall add-ons
  • Upgrade
  • Study logs
  • Regenerate sitemap
  • Reconsider and improve security

All these measures are explicitly covered and explained in this article.

How To Find Bugs Before They Become Issues?

How to find bugs before it's too late

Oh… That’s not easy to keep an eye on servers when you’re only running an online store. But being an entrepreneur is just like that: you should have the minimum skills in everything your team is doing to manage workflows. Do you know how your devs can prevent bugs on your site before it is too late? We can offer a recipe to you:

  • Make sure your devs use indexes in their tables or write queries against the existing indexes. Your website will work faster with its database scanned in the optimal way.
  • Avoid LIKE searches with leading wildcards when it comes to product search.

More examples can be found here.

How To Fix The HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error In CS-Cart

How to fix Error 503 Service Unavailable

Now, you made it possible to prevent your site from functioning slowly. What else may happen? 

503 Service Unavailable error occurs when your page or resource is unavailable. There are many reasons why a server returns a 503 error: maintenance, a bug in the server’s code, or a sudden traffic spike. In any case, you need to have a plan of actions before your eyes. We’ve got it for you.

Finding the root cause:

  • View your source code
  • Consider HTML comment
  • Understand the error message
  • Apply a workaround
  • Contact support

Fixing the 503 error:

  • Revert your latest actions
  • Deactivate add-ons for some time
  • Increase your server power
  • Deactivate CDN and proxy
  • Review logs
  • Enable extra debug in PHP

Yes, it might seem challenging. In this article, you will find a guide with screenshots.

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