8 Reasons Why Traffic to Your Online Store isn’t Growing

Simtech Development Team

You have started an online store and funneled all of your energy into your website’s search engine optimization. You have handpicked the semantic kernel, added meta tags to every page, and created unique content, but the results of your hard work aren’t great. Now isn’t the time to lose heart. Instead, read the following advice.

Reason #1: The website is unavailable for indexation

It is common for developers to neglect the submission of the search engine indexation of a new website. For example, in robots.txt, instead of just the site’s technical section being offline, the entire website is unavailable. This is one reason a search engine might not find the site and index its content.

Reason #2: Internal re-optimization of the website

Google has a number of filters that respond to website re-optimization.
What can be re-optimized?

  • meta tags (title, description, keywords)
  • tags (h1, Alt)
  • text content
  • internal interlinking

Reason #3: The website is in a sandbox

If your online store was created within the past six months and is in a competitive category, then attracting few visitors is common.
What should you do to build traffic?

  • Create relevant text content.
  • Update your content regularly.
  • Use long tail queries.

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The website is in a sandbox

Reason #4: Non-peak demand

The demand for some goods and services is seasonal. Products like tires or perfumes and services like tourism and travel are influenced by seasonal trends. If your website’s traffic is not growing, then pay attention to current trends.

Reason #5: The website traffic reaches boiling point in your market niche

Your keywords are trending—that’s the great news!
What should you do in such a situation?

  • Look at your semantic kernel in the details.
  • Create more relevant text content with long-tail queries.


Reason #6: World events

No one is immune to different types of world events, from revolutions to natural disasters. For example, many businesses are suffering because of events in Ukraine where website traffic and demand have dropped. It can happen in any country and influence online traffic.

Reason #7: There is a specific gap in the market

A number of business and service websites need to be at the top of web search results. For example, weather reports, emergency services, and tow truck or taxi companies should all show up at the top of a search. If you are not in the top three Google search results, you have no traffic at all. Fight for your website ranking!
There is a specific gap in the market

Reason #8: The semantic kernel is wrong or poor

The right choice of keywords helps promote a website. To increase the amount of traffic to your site, you should:

  • Revise all of your queries.
  • Expand queries by adding more keywords.
  • Optimize your website for those keywords.

Promoting your website with a small number of keywords can be risky. You probably already know by now that rich anchor text links are bad.  Your anchor text can’t be richer than 30%, and you should try to vary your anchor text. Why? Because it is rare that someone would naturally link to you with rich anchor text 100% of the time.
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