Addons: When And Why You Need Them

Roman Ananev

Earlier, I wrote an article about why an out-of-the-box solution for starting an eCommerce business is better than a custom one. One of the points indicated there were the additional extensions and ready-made functionalities.
For example in our Appstore you will find 120+ different add-ons, but do you need them all at once? Absolutely no. You don’t need to have all these extensions in your the store to run a successful business. But at the same time there some must-have extensions which will make your life easier or add some value if implemented at the right time.
Addons can be divided into several groups.

  • for beginners (who is only starting a store);
  • to promote a business (something to increase sales, conversion or leads acquisition);
  • to improve the customer journey;
  • improve customer service satisfaction
  • add visualization
  • add industry-specific features (filters, options, etc.)

Following are the add-ons that we recommend to install and configure immediately, from the very first day of the store:

Why them? Six months later after launching an online store, the owners suddenly start asking themselves:

  • why do I have this sales level?
  • why do they buy this product and this one doesn’t go?
  • who visits my store?
  • was my store well indexed by search engines?
  • does my store show up at the top of SERP?

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to answer these questions if, from the very beginning of the store’s existence, there were no add-ons installed in it that collect analytics and ensure the correct ranking and indexing.
No matter how quickly your store makes its first sale, no matter how quickly you fill it with perfect products, no matter when it becomes “perfect”, you will have all possible data to rely on analyzing the store performance and growth. These 4 modules solve this problem.
Why are we so sure? These 4 modules are the bestsellers each month, we decided to find out why and found out. Store owners buy them whether immediately with a license or in the first days after. We asked them “why” and – they gave exactly the answer that I mentioned earlier.
Next time I will tell you about another group of modules. If you have any questions or requests – write to me, I’m always happy to communicate!


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