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Popular Online Shopping Categories in Different Parts Of The World

This post brings together the latest stats for popular online shopping categories in such countries as the U.S., Europe, Australia, India, and Latin America. With this data in your hands, you can better target your marketing campaigns and increase sales with the high-demand products based on the country you sell. Apply a data-driven approach for online sales to get more out of your eCommerce business!

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Reasons to upgrade CS-Cart

Why You Need to Upgrade Your CS-Cart to the Latest Version

Here, we describe the reasons to upgrade your online store/marketplace version. With the refreshed version you get access to a modern technical stack, responsive design, better SEO, awesome features, more add-ons and themes, higher speed of your site, and a user-friendly upgrade process. You can upgrade on your own or refresh your site version with us. We describe both processes. Dive in the article to learn the details.

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Migrating from One Ecommerce Platform to Another

For eCommerce websites, migration, in its general sense, means moving data from one Content Management System (CMS) to another. Reasons vary from case to case, but one thing remains the same – the need to keep the client base, inventory, orders, and SEO links, in other words, save everything that has been accumulated and grow.

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Start Online Marketplace

How to start an online marketplace in 2022

Basically, there are two types of online shops: a single-seller and a multi-seller’ shop. In this article, we are going to tell you about the second option.
As reflected by the name, a multi-seller’ shop is a multi-vendor system where multiple sellers known as vendors sell their products on a platform owned by an administrator. Customers come to the marketplace and get the opportunity to purchase the product from various sellers.

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How to draw up functional and business requirements for an eCommerce site?

How to Draw Up Functional and Business Requirements for an eCommerce Site

Well-defined requirement is half-way towards a well-done job. It is clear as day. But when it comes to real life it all gets confusing. How to collect requirements right? How detailed should they be? Who will be engaged in collecting them? In this post we will share how to form requirements for website customization to get what you expect. The post is rich with examples and real cases!

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Technical Assignment

How Do We Write Specifications for Software Development

When developing a system, be sure to draw up a specification for software development! It will keep you out of trouble. Writing specifications is not so hassle-free. The document is repeatedly agreed with the customer and the developer, and also corrected and revised more than once. It’s better to spend more time on completing the right document than to prove later that you did mean something completely different. After all, errors in the specification will cost money and time to the Developer / Customer. In this article, we share how to do it right!

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How to import product images

How import images in CS-Cart

This post is a guide for product image import. Here, you will find the ways to import images, how to specify the path to images, what fields are mandatory, and what to pay attention to while importing.

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Reasons to Outsource IT Team

10 Reasons to Outsource Development Team For eCommerce Projects

Executives all over the world are pondering over what part of their business to outsource and what to keep in-house. They ask themselves only one question: “Does that provide me a cost advantage?”

If only a decision was that simple.

Obviously, outsourcing provides a cost benefit. But a vast majority of businesses don’t even guess what other benefits they can receive from outsourcing other than cost saving. In this post we explore those top 10 reasons for outsourcing that are better than cost benefits.

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