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How to Go Online with an eCommerce Business?

Moving an Offline Business to Online During COVID-19: a Simple Guide

Year 2020 is challenging for offline business. But it’s never too late to expand going online. In this post, we gathered useful statistics on the COVID-19 impact on the eCommerce industries and other key figures to help you with launching your first online business informatively. You will get all the steps needed to start and grow online. All the content is organized as a simple guide consisting of 7 steps.

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How to structure you product catalog

How To Build Your Digital Product Catalog To Sell More

If you run a massive inventory store consisting of more than 1,000 items, you probably know how difficult it can be to manage the catalog. But before expanding to a larger inventory store, it is very important to think of how to properly organize the catalog structure to make it searchable, driving, handy in use, and scalable. In this post, we share the best practices, tips and examples on creating a high-performing catalog!

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Setting Up Images in CS-Cart: a Quick Guide

You need to optimize images to attract more customers. Sometimes, setting a good-looking picture of your product is not enough. You need to know what size to use and on what pages. This post deals with the guidelines on how optimize image size and format to reflect your online brand in the best possible light!

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How to Choose a Reliable Shipping Service in the Middle East?

The global eCommerce market grows independently of crisis. That growth is mostly contributed by emerging economies. At this, the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region is among the fastest-growing economies. Having the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt as leaders in online retail, the MENA eCommerce overall growth would be at a CAGR of 11% in the next years (2020-2022) according to Statista.

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Common CS-Cart Theme Issues And How To Fix Them

Of course, we complicate things when we drag third-party elements into our online shopping platforms for the sake of improving performance or security, adding new design features, or opening up greater functionality. Some innovations are minor and don’t bring many problems, some of them like installing or upgrading a theme can be a real headache. But the payoff is generally worth it. Without integrating new plugins and themes, we’d have to do much more manual coding and that isn’t the most effective way to build an eCommerce website these days. This article will give a checklist you should refer to before or while installing a new theme to avoid common mistakes.

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