Bestselling eCommerce Plugins as of 2019

Roman Ananev

What plugin to install?

What add-on is useful and what’s not?

How to choose?

These questions are absolutely natural for online store owners. After all, this is quite logical: to make money, it would be nice to learn how to spend it correctly. So, how to finally choose that very right service provider for your business? Which apps are needed and are worth attention, and which ones are secondary?

Let’s see what useful plugins we’ve got there for you to install:

Our blog has been telling you quite a lot about the application part of our plugins, and our support center is always accessible to provide you with all the detailed documentation and instructions. 

However, the most honest assessment of any product is its relevance. Therefore, at the beginning of autumn, the sales prime time, let us introduce our best selling add-ons as of 2019:

Affiliate and Referral

With this plugin, you can build a new business model for your eCommerce project, turn your customers into your partners, build an affiliate network and motivate your customers with a win-win solution.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce

Why is this module so popular? The answer is pretty trivial. If you want to establish relationships with your customers, you need to take care of their comfort. This extension allows you to measure the traffic to your online store pages, identify the customer journey, and guide you with recommendations if something is blocking purchases in your store.

Facebook Pixel

The practical use of this add-on is similar to Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce, with the only difference: it is tailored for Facebook. It helps to get to know your customers better and make your offer the best.

Mega SEO Package

is a package of 3 add-ons for search engine optimization. Every online store owner knows how important SEO is. If it is finetuned correctly, your store can always be easily found on the Web vast expanse. We’ve already posted a detailed article on this subject.

XML & CSV Import

is a convenient tool to deal with your vendors’ inventory. This add-on is designed to make your work with the store easier. Spend more time on business development rather than operational work!

Plugins that extend functionality are of course important. But, what about the visual components? This is a rather broad question that deserves a separate article. Let’s do it if you would be interested in reading – write to me and I devote my next article to the online store appearance.

In the meantime, consider these top 5 themes for online stores:

Rome Theme Front Pack

Urban Shift Theme Front Pack

Airy Mobile Theme

Vanilla Theme

Label Theme

And if you want to get more help in customizing, feel free to contact us!


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