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Buy 1 Year Of Hosting And Get CS-Cart For Free

Roman Ananev

Cloud technologies are widely and successfully used by eСommerce businesses. Cloud solutions provide uninterrupted availability, a comfortable environment for development and integrations, easy scalability and data integrity.

We follow the demands of the market and the industry, so we created a solution that combines a complex multifunctional eСommerce platform with the possibility of deep customization, located in a private cloud of the best server infrastructure.

The Power of Synergy

Our solution organically combines two of our offers – CS-Cart software and AWS Cloud hosting service.

Purchasing this solution, you get the latest version of CS-Cart software preinstalled on the private cloud server and properly configured for high speed. The solution enables businesses to go to market faster without launch pretreatment.

Full integration of CS-Cart and AWS Cloud hosting provides maximum performance, stability, and security for the online store. In addition, it releases resources to focus on the growth and marketing of your eCommerce business. This is the ultimate solution for business that is able to quickly adapt to changes in your business strategy.

Great deals!

  • Using an eCommerce hosting solution, you pay only for hosting. eCommerce software is free of charge.

1 year of hosting (828 USD) + CS-Cart software (0 USD) = 828 USD per annum.

Learn more about our Hosting Refund Policy.

What’s more?

  • You’ve got even more opportunities with buying 1-year hosting solution – a 10% discount on custom development:

1 year of hosting (828 USD) + (Cost of Custom Development – 10%) 

You save 10% on customization of your website, isn’t it a pleasant supplement to hosting?

1 year of hosting (828 USD) + (899 USD – 25%) = 1502 USD

You save 225 USD and acquire two powerful solutions!


Why Choose eCommerce Hosting Solution

This solution will be best for:

  • Businessmen that do not have time for the technical prelaunch stage
  • Startups that do not have resources of their own developers and system administrators
  • Stores that release changes to the site frequently
  • Stores with frequent traffic spikes due to marketing activities

Benefits for business:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Quick start of online sales
  • Focus on marketing and growth
  • Budget savings on operating expenses
  • Integrity of private and financial data
  • Scalability opportunities

Learn how CS-Cart in the Cloud can impact your business.


CS-Cart software

CS-Cart is a standalone, highly flexible platform for building and managing eCommerce web projects of any size. You get everything you need for quick and stable web store growth right out of the box.

AWS Cloud hosting

This is a powerful hosting solution for eCommerce businesses searching for the partner that will assure their growth through advanced Cloud technologies, expertise, and dedication to clients’ business values. Stable, secure, and fast, AWS Cloud hosting aims to help eCommerce businesses focus on achieving goals instead of wasting time on maintenance routine. It is trusted by multiple businesses of different sizes, including Enterprise.

Create your professional online store with hosting from AWS Cloud today


Terms of provision

Since it includes many services, we decided to apply a few rules to it.

  • The solution includes the latest version of CS-Cart available when you subscribe, and the Basic year-long plan of AWS Cloud hosting.
  • We provide a solution and services according to SLA. We understand our responsibility.
  • The solution is provided for a period of 1(one) year after each payment. After the first payment, you get access to a cloud eCommerce solution for a period of 1(one) year. Prior to the expiration date, we will send you an invoice again.
  • The fee paid for the solution is not refundable.
  • The license for the CS-Cart platform is provided on a rental basis while you are using this business solution.


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