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Case Study: Dropux Marketplace

Simtech Development Team


Dear Friends,

Recently on our website we have published a new case study of Dropux Marketplace project.

DROPUX Marketplace is the first B2B online sales platform for suppliers in Mexico who are looking to distribute their products through eCommerce to other customers, companies, and distributors with options, special wholesale prices, and a wholesale environment.

Our goals were to create a ready-to-use, complex marketplace for selling various products on the Multi-Vendor platform in Mexico and adapt the add-ons to perform correctly in the country.

As the main task was to create a marketplace for hundreds of sellers from Latin America and other countries, it was decided to make the vendor’s business as convenient as possible.

We analyzed the technical part of the project and identified the primary tasks:

— Modification of the vendor’s panel and create tools to improve the vendor’s work.

— Improvement of the commissions system.

— Design integration based on the CS-Cart template and development of new functionality.

What was the result? Find out more on this page: Dropux Case Study.

If you want to get the same services for your CS-Cart store or Multi-Vendor marketplace, do not hesitate to get a free quote on our website.

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