Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service For Your Online Business

Maksim Komonov

Hosting is not only a physical storage space for your website. It has to serve your business needs and build the ground for its growth. Let’s sort out the key characteristics of the hosting meant for business not only for storage.

Business challenge: Website availability

The business hosting takes any possible effort to keep the business online regardless of any conditions.

Hosting guarantees 99.99+ percent of uptime

The engage new customers the business have to online. Always. That is the main mission of any hosting service. If the users can’t get to the site, they unlikely will make another attempt. An unavailable site will lose credibility and the customers. Business-centric hosting providers work hard to keep the uptime level as close to 100% as possible for as long as possible. The highest level of availability belongs to the Cloud solutions as the servers substitute each other in case one of them goes down so your website stays online 99.9999% of the time.

Hosting ensures data physical protection

Despite it operates in the virtual environment it can suffer from the real world influence: physical hardware damage, power or Internet outage, natural disasters. Business hosting provides the data centers with perimeter layer security, backup internet connection and power supply, stable cooling systems, identity and access control.

Hosting is scalable

If you underestimate your traffic volumes, or the traffic spike happens, that can lead to the server overload your website will slow down. You have to be able to increase the resources of the server quickly, and decrease if you don’t need them anymore. An interesting option, in this case, can be cloud hosting services, which allow scaling within an hour up and down without any site downtime. Due to its flexibility, scalability, stability, and universality, the cloud solutions are widely used by the businesses of any type and industry.

Hosting takes on themselves migration from another provider

A service provider that values the interests of the client’s business is ready to relieve the client from a migration headache. Free of charge. The project migrated with errors will be unstable, or it may not work at all. This will cause only negative reaction from the client, regardless of the reasons. It’s better to do everything correctly and qualitatively with own hands – that’s what business hosting providers think.

Business challenge: Service reliability

The business hosting is a trustable brand with well-established infrastructure and maintenance procedures powered by reactive and proactive automated systems.

Hosting provides guaranteed resources

Hosting type you choose provides different quality of the services, different amount of resources and different scalability capability. Considering this, shared hosting is the worst choice for the business, because you can control the performance level of the website and the authority of the IP. Consider VPS, Dedicated or Cloud hosting types for business.

Hosting is transparent

It all starts with hosting provider – the company you will have an agreement with, the legal entity. Study provider’s website before you start to study the technical characteristics of the servers offered in the tariffs. The provider must have legal docs published online. Study them first. Does the company have a physical office and “real” people working there? Or is it fake? By the date of the domain registration, you can check how long this hosting has been operating. Also, pay attention to what communication means the provider has online.

Hosting updates the server software

The server software needs the updates to maintain security level or for optimization reasons. This is a delicate process that requires accuracy and preliminary testing. Updating one product may lead to its incompatibility with another and result in the website unavailability.  If the service updates the server software themselves, that’s good for your business.

Hosting makes backups the right way

The business hosting service provider makes backups on the daily bases. They never store the backed up data on the same server with your website. They keep them in another data center, or even in another region. Warning! Cheap hosters often replace this concept with a mirror record – it will help restore the website in case of hardware failures, but it will not save in case of hacking and damaging the data.

Hosting is constantly monitoring the server performance

The hosting provider monitors the basic server performance indicators, including CPU utilization, RAM usage, I/O operations, storage space availability and etc. They will see if something can be optimized to reduce the resource usage or will offer to scale up if it’s time to grow.

Hosting provides fast and skillful support

If the provider responds promptly to problems related to server operation, its systems, reminds about payment terms for services prior to disconnecting the site – this is a good hosting for business. Proactive support will prevent the website from downtime and losing customers.

Business challenge: Data security

The business hosting is ready to dedicate extra effort to ensure the client’s business is safe regardless of the circumstances.

Hosting controls the access

The good service provider will not only offer you a Root Access to the data will think of additional security layer and will monitor it and log the actions. This access logs will be vital to track the manipulations made on the server in case of any problems or damage.

Hosting provides DDoS protection

It can be an expensive service because it can involve an unpredictably large amount of resources that the provider may simply not have. Despite this, trustful providers offer at least basic protection to their customers. They can monitor the server behavior and if they detect a threat or an attack, can try to use additional resources or filter the traffic. However, this rarely helps and the server has to go offline to cease the attack and protect the data. The controlled outage is also a protection measure. After that, the caring hosting service provider will restart the server, check all the settings and configuration.

Hosting is constantly monitoring the server security

Hosting provider has a system or a procedure for constant monitoring of the server security. It can include searching for open ports or vulnerable files that are accessible from the outside.

Business challenge: Competition

The business hosting helps business to increase visibility and improve customer experience to overcome the competitors.

Hosting can offer locations near your clients

The close your data is to your clients – the faster the page load speed. Moreover, search engines might decide to show the sites that are geographically closer to the searcher. Check if the provider has data centers in the area of your business interests or at least close to it.

Hosting provides high and stable load speed

Speed means a lot for online business. The faster the website, the better rank it has in SERP, the faster (and more) it starts selling and converting. Sure, the speed depends on many factors. But there’s one related to hosting – Time To First Byte. To successfully sustained the eCommerce benchmark it should be 0.900 ms or lower. If it’s higher, it harms your business, because your competitors are faster.

Hosting can offer and configure SSL

SSL encryption protects your visitors’ personal information from a theft. This is an industry standard because web browsers and Google warn the visitors of the websites without SSL that these sites are “Not secure”. This is killing the organic traffic. Hosting service for business knows about the importance of SSL certificate will offer it and configure correctly.

Business challenge: Guarantees

The business hosting takes on the responsibility to provide the specified amount of services at a specified quality level.

Hosting provides SLA

Providing an SLA, the provider takes on the responsibility to provide the specified quality and the liability to carry out the penalty in case of the failure. Uptime, response and resolve time are usually regulated by SLA. A detailed SLA speaks of the service provider as the serious business which is ready to guarantee the quality and take on responsibility.


The perfect hosting service for your business will be more than just storage space. It will cost reasonable money but will give back much. It will take on the responsibility to maintain the entire infrastructure without involving you and provide the best possible availability and performance to your business online. The provider will constantly monitor the server and the business for the security updates and performance optimization and will give you the insights on how to grow your online business further. The perfect hosting service for your online business will be your business partner.

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