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Christmas time – Presents time!

Roman Ananev

Christmas is the time of miracles, surprises, and presents. And we won’t let you go for holidays without one.

50% discount on redesigning your store!

Celebrate New year with a new outlook and improved shopping experience! Get your customers excited about the new look of their favorite store, improve engagement and conversion. Deliver new positive feelings to your customers and they’ll pay you back with loyalty.

What’s included?

Design Audit
We’ll study your existing store and find the points of growth. They may relate to customers journey, UE, UI, sales (conversion) funnel, color scheme, etc. The audit will aim to improve conversion rate and increase sales by fixing or improving existing and potential gaps. If you don’t have an existing store, we will analyze your potential audience and the website you like and want to take after.
Design Creation
We’ll create a user-friendly and attractive interface for both desktop and mobile devices. Based on your preferences and references you provide the design may include modification of the color scheme, backgrounds, header, footer, menus, fonts, buttons, graphics, banners, etc. The entire layout of the key pages like product or checkout page can be changed and get better. This stage will demand your involvement and creativity to get the best result.
Integration with live store
We’ll roll out your brand new design to the live store and make sure it works properly on any device. The manager will be guiding your project during the entire integration process.

How to get your New Design for a half-price?

Email us at or send a request.
Only orders complete by 14.01.2019 will get a 50% discount. Make sure to get your free consultation from the manager as soon as possible, get the estimates and make a decision.


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