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Share Your Inspirational Brand Story and Get Your Prize!

Gayane Tamrazyan

Send us your brand story and get published on the Simtech Development corporate blog! We know that you’ve got a unique experience as an eCommerce business owner.

Provide the eCommerce world with your rewarding reflections of running an online store or marketplace!

Applying for ‘My Brand Story’…

Please, describe a couple of issues about your path while growing your business online.

  1. Give us an idea of what your business is, what products you are selling, and the services you are offering?
  2. What are the greatest challenges you’ve faced so far and how did you overcome them?
  3. What are some unexpected benefits of owning an eCommerce business?
  4. When it comes to developing new functionality for your online business, you choose Simtech Development. What are the reasons for that? Share your feedback on cooperating with Simtech Development. What excited you most and why you decided to stay with us for several projects.
  5. How are things going at the moment with your store? Share the current situation around your business. Share the latest success case.
  6. What inspires and motivates you to do this business? Is there any advice you’d suggest to other business owners based on your personal experience regarding e-store development?

Examples of how entrepreneurs describe their way in building their businesses online you can find choosing the ‘Case Studies’ section on our blog.

We will publish the best stories after the Contest end (after 15 June 2020). 

The prizes will go to …

Three authors with most-read and most-liked (in the “Share” section) stories.

The prizes are:

#1st place USD 1,000 credit

#2nd place – USD 500 credit

#3rd place – USD 300 credit

Prizes are distributed based on the number of likes in the ‘Share’ section under each ‘My Brand Story’ post accumulated after the end of Contest (15 June 2020). Stories should be in English and cover the above-mentioned issues.

Prizes can be used to pay for any number of orders for the development and purchase of add-ons and/or themes by Simtech Development, covering up to 30% of the cost. Bonus validity is 1 year (365 days). The discount does not apply to hosting and licenses.

Requirements for ‘My Brand Story’ contest:

To provide a fair and equal chance of winning to all our blog readers, the following are the official requirements for this contest:

1. Participants must be:

a CS⁠-⁠Cart licensee, and/or Hosted in SimtechDev Cloud, and/or Simtech Development add-on user, and/or Customized by our dev team.

2. Participants must follow: and Simtech Development Facebook account and/or Instagram account and/or LinkedIn account.

3. Participants must send:

their replies to questions in the ‘My Brand Story’ section within the required timeframes (from 01 June to 15 June 2020).

Read the full text of Contest Terms and Conditions.

Once we get your replies, the Editorial Board will collect your stories and select the most appealing ones for publication.

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