Hot Rush Development: What? Why? and When?

Gayane Tamrazyan

How long does it take for you to respond to expedite request? Can you expedite the web development process? These are the questions you constantly ask us about our process of handling heavy tasks in response to incoming requests. In this article, we put the cards of the so-called ‘Hot Rush’ option on the table.

What is urgent request processing?

Urgent Request Processing or ‘Hot Rush’ is a mode to deliver a service within a short period of time as required by the Customer due to the task urgency. It implies extra hours for devs, and extra payment – from the Customer side.

What is the objective of expediting web development?

Deliver a faster service as required by the urgency of a task. Faster doesn’t mean ‘worse’. Quality Assurance is an integral part of all the Simtech Development services.

Can you expedite the web development process? 

– Yes, we can process your quote urgently in special cases: 

  • Issue investigation and examination service
  • Custom Development
  • Dedicated Developer Service
  • CS-Cart performance audit
  • System integration
  • CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor upgrade  

Expedited processing is not appropriate for: 

  • Support Service
  • Add-ons Incidents and Support
  • Hosting 

Our Standard Procedure vs Hot Rush


Hot Rush Development: What? Why? and When?
Hot Rush Development: What? Why? and When?
  1. You tell us about the task, business goal, provide us with examples or screenshots describing the desired functionality.
  2. Our manager gathers your requirements to clarify details that will be further used to assign a task to developers.
  3. The manager conveys the information to experts for estimation of task complexity, workshare and time frames The scope of work is defined. Tasks are assigned to developers.
  4. Once the specification is approved and the invoice is paid, the developers start working on the task.
  5. QA specialists test the functionality of the project to check that the work done complies with the requirements of the specification. Each project is tested for free before it is given to you.
  6. The final results of the development process are demonstrated on our test server. You check the performance of the modifications and accept the work done.
  7. After approving the results, you get a 100-day warranty period.

Hot Rush:

Hot Rush Development: What? Why? and When?
Hot Rush Development: What? Why? and When?

When we estimate a task, we inform the client when the developers have the ability to start working on it. 

All of our developers have pre-scheduled projects and all their hours are pre-booked in advance. 

If a client does not agree to wait and needs an urgent service, we require the developer to work extra time per day, which costs extra. 

Thus, the Hot Rush option can be switched on at the development stage.

Emergency processing cost

The standard cost in case of the urgent task is minimum twice higher (it depends on the complexity and urgency of the task).

How long does it take for you to respond to expedite request?

Usually, we can start within 24 hours. The total time spent on a project depends on the complexity of the task and how urgent it is.

Terms and Conditions while processing heavy tasks

As you can see, there cannot be some special terms and conditions for urgent requests such as hot-rush as it is not a service but rather a response to your wishes. 

Urgent referrals, does this make sense?

For you, that Hot Rush request processing means better flexibility in meeting your project needs with no impact on quality.

Although we don’t strive to provide a service under hot rush conditions, it sometimes happens when there’s no choice for us except for urgent service delivery.

Often, that implies working on weekends and after standard office hours, late in the night. But, it’s a rewarding time as both the team and the customer remain satisfied.

And what’s better than a happy customer?

“All is OK. Yana [Product Manager] and her team have been very professional and very friendly. The development has been fast and then, a small problem has been solved very quickly. I have been happy with this work”.

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