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How To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You

Guzel Sadrtdinova

Being reliable and trustworthy, winning your clients’ loyalty and love and, in a long-term perspective, building a stable lasting relationship – all of these should be the key strategies for growing any business that offers products and services.

So are you doing everything it takes to make your clients happy and make them love your business? This article will help you to take your relationship with clients to a whole new level.

Love your clients as yourself

For starters, the hardest but the most important thing to do is to love your own clients. If you want to get something from your clients, love them with all your heart even before you meet them; respect them. They will reciprocate this sentiment as soon as they feel its energy. It will be much easier for you to get what you want if you radiate genuine respect and love for your clients.

Here’s some instrumental advice to help you get your clients engaged:

  • Use a friendly tone when speaking to your clients;
  • Keep your promises to your clients’ in a timely manner;
  • Do a little more than they expect;
  • Offer recommendations that will save your clients time and money;
  • Stay ahead of the game: if your clients ask you questions, answer even those questions they might have in the future;
  • Send your clients reports on completing each of their requests/purchases.

Earn recommendations and ask for them

There is so much white noise around that it gets increasingly harder to make your clients pay attention to ads. But recommendations always work.  

Write a sincere personal message to your clients asking to recommend your company or your product to their friends and acquaintances. In this letter, honestly tell them that you need their help:

Dear client! I am extremely happy you’ve become one of my customers. Thank you so much for trusting in me.
I dream of building an even larger network, expand and make my products even more high-quality and affordable. This is why I’m asking for your help. Please come back to me and bring your friends with you. And I in my turn will do everything it takes to make it worthwhile for you and your friends.
For your convenience, I’m sending a link to our website and some information about us. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

Other ways to get a recommendation:

  • Earn them: only those clients who are pleased and impressed will recommend you;
  • Choose the most opportune moment to ask for recommendations: when your clients thank you and leave some great feedback;
  • Ask for recommendations at the right time: as soon as possible, before the first positive impressions fade away;
  • Reward your clients for their recommendations and motivate them by providing discounts, gifts and special offers;
  • Do something to make them want to tell others about your product on social networks. For example, make your packaging original and appealing, the one they’ll want to show off and photograph. Or just add a small nice gift to go with your product your clients don’t expect to find there.

Monetize your clients’ feedback

We often think about how we can improve our products and services. One of the best ways to do that is to ask for your clients’ opinions and collect some feedback. Ask your clients not only about what they don’t like but also why they chose you. This way you’ll definitely get a lot of useful information. For example, which product they came to buy and why it’s your products they order (thanks to your pricing policy, your managers’ polite attitude, how user-friendly your web resource is, service quality or due to other reasons).

This way you’ll learn some cool things about yourself you may have been disregarding before. After you learn about them, do your best to keep being great at doing those specific things. Besides, you can use your clients’ feedback in your promo campaigns.

Here are some things that make it easier for your clients to leave feedback:

  • It’s easy to contact you: your phone number is displayed on your website where everyone can see it and on your product packaging;
  • There are several ways to leave feedback: on your website, at your store, via an instant messenger, in social networks etc.;
  • Your staff members don’t wait for your clients to write or call: they ask customers to rate your products or services on their own initiative;
  • If your clients leave feedback, you contact them promptly;
  • You monetize each and every piece of feedback;
  • At your company, they answer any clients’ comments;
  • You appreciate the feedback and are grateful for it, even more so if it’s negative.

Talk to your former and disappointed clients

When you and your client part ways, you both have negative feelings about it. Clients are unhappy because they are disappointed in you and you are unhappy because losing a client never feels great. But on the other hand, you can improve your services or products with your former and disappointed clients’ help. Try to talk to them.

Former clients are honest: they’ve got disengaged, they have no relations with you, you have no agreements between you and no obligations to each other. They will honestly tell you what kind of shortcomings you have and what you did wrong. Trust me, at this point, your former clients can tell you a lot of interesting things and you can use this information to improve your business.

Common mistakes made while working with clients’ complaints:

  • Avoiding communication with your clients;
  • Interrupting your clients;
  • Making excuses to your clients;
  • Taking your clients’ resentment personally;
  • Indifference towards your clients;
  • Disrespect towards your clients;
  • Throwing your co-workers under the bus;
  • Looking for someone to blame;
  • Not asking clients any questions;
  • Evaluating your client’ actions too soon;
  • Leaving clients unattended;
  • Not keeping your promises to solve your clients’ problems in a timely manner;
  • Keeping your clients in the dark.


Love your clients, respect them, listen to them, understand them and try to never let them down. And, in conclusion, here are the main signs showing your clients are loyal to you and maybe even love you:

  • Your clients make repeated purchases;
  • Your clients’ purchases grow in volume;
  • Your clients recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances;
  • Your clients leave honest and detailed feedback.

So, now you know how to deserve your clients’ love and the only thing that is left apart is to empower your online store with an option to reward the customers’ affiliation to your brand. Our developers’ team has all the keys to any customer’s heart to help you to build strong relationships.

Take advice!

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