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How to Make Your CS-Cart Checkout More User-Friendly

Simtech Development Team

While on subject of the checkout, as mentioned in the previous post, we’d like to note that the CS-Cart checkout process is one of the most convenient among all of the shopping cart checkouts in the world. However, sometimes the CS-Cart checkout process needs to be improved. This section provides you the steps to ensure a more user-friendly CS-Cart checkout experience.

One-step checkout

A typical one-page checkout for a CS-Cart is divided into four steps, and looks like this:
You can integrate these four steps and display them on a single page, as we did for
You can view a better variation of one-step checkout process on It has several exciting features:
⦁    All the required customer information can be filled out using a short form.
⦁    The shipping address field is hidden. It can be opened by a customer if the occasion requires.
⦁    The Northskull store owner has omitted the need for customer registration at checkout. The customer is able to make a purchase as a guest by simply leaving his or her email address.
⦁    Look at the billing options on this checkout page! Two payment options are designed as buttons.
The one-step checkout process is no different from a four-step checkout process if it demands the same input from customers that is merely condensed onto one page. The number of fields that customers need to fill in should be kept to a minimum. Here is some advice on how to minimize the required user’s information.

1.    ZIP Code

By moving the ZIP code form to the front of the address entry, we can use information that is already available to us in the order to streamline customer input and eliminate the need for customers to type in the information.  The checkout can match the exact values for city, state, and country solely from the ZIP code. Use the free ZIP code lookup tables.

2.    Optimized Registration Form
We recommend that you avoid using the typical two column CS-Cart registration form. You should not force your customers to choose between these two forms. Every process requiring a choice reduces the probability of the customer taking action.

The solution to this problem is rather clear: only use one form. This form is easier for customers to fill in automatically (with their brains on autopilot!).

3.    Credit Card Type Detection
Just like with the ZIP code lookup, the credit card type can be calculated by the credit card number itself. All credit cards from a common provider (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc.) follow a pattern. An algorithm can be used to calculate the credit card type based solely on the first few digits of the customer’s credit card number.

Products in the Order

Don’t forget to include the Products in the Order block at every stage of the checkout process. Make this block editable to allow your customers to change the order details right at checkout without retuning to the cart. Learn how we implemented that feature for

Log in with Facebook

Add the ability to access the registration form using a social media log in, as it was done for the Watchsport online store.
When you save customers time filling out the forms, they’ll l spend more time on buying more items. If you don’t have enough CS-Cart development skills, our team will be glad to help you. Contact us for a free quote.

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