How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Katerina Kopylova

As a merchant, you’ve doubtless put a lot of thought into the shipping of your products, at least in terms of security during transport. But what thoughts or actions have you taken to provide a memorable unboxing experience for your customers?

So, today on our blog, we are sharing with you pro tips for a great unboxing experience your customers will want to shout about from the rooftops or at very minimum, want to share on their social media accounts.

Why unboxing matters?

Packaging design is critical because this is the first time many consumers will see your product. Even the way your packaging feels (or smells!) can leave an impression.

While the unboxing experience is great for your customers, it’s also a critical sales tool that will drive more sales to your business..

From an economic perspective, long-term customer relationships are much more profitable than having to spend resources attracting them from scratch.

But building these partnerships isn’t as easy as it sounds; according to a study by Bain & Company, between 60% to 80% of customers don’t return to the same company from a product or service, even if they were previously satisfied.

This is because brand loyalty isn’t simply about whether the product or service is ‘good’.

In an increasingly competitive retail market, there are a dozen brands who are probably making as ‘good’ a product as you.

What brings your customers back is when you offer that extra ‘wow factor’ that sets you apart from the crowd.

You might have an excellent product that your customers are happy with, but it’s very difficult to capitalize on this if you don’t give them an experience that is unique.

Creating a custom product packaging experience

Use branded boxes.

To create a successful unboxing experience, the box can’t simply be an ordinary box.

It has to be YOUR box.

Jeni’s Ice Cream has a box that embodies their brand and reminds the customer of the amazing ice cream that awaits in inside.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Use unique packing material

Branding your internal materials will help to tie together your design.

However, this isn’t just about aesthetics; if you have fragile products than run the risk of getting damaged, this is your most important consideration.

Using materials that are not recyclable could cause your brand to be regarded as ‘wasteful’, and customers may share their unboxing experience for the wrong reasons.

In the reverse, using sustainable products will go a long way to helping your brand to cultivate an image of strong ethics and social responsibility.

Consider giving a free sample

As mentioned near the start of this article, it’s a ‘value-added’ perception that you need to cultivate for a great unboxing.

Those little extra touches are some of the most important.

Bon Bon Bon does special giveaways of their chocolate that contains an assortment of their various products which is delivered in their fun boxes and includes other fun goodies.

Reciprocity is a powerful instinct, so as well as making your customer feel valued, it helps to re-activate the love of your brand that led them to that initial purchase.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Add a touch of personalization

Placing them inside your packages is one of the best ways to get across just how much you value their patronage, because it’s a clear investment of time.

Additionally, offering unique customization options is a create way to make your customers unboxing experience feel more like Christmas.

Again, Bon Bon Bon does a great job of allowing customers to enjoy their chocolate in a personal way.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Design your box

Before you get to create a unique unboxing experience, think of the four steps of the unboxing experience:

  • Receiving the box
  • Opening the box
  • What’s inside the box
  • What to do with an empty box

If you’re not sure about how to get started with designing your packaging, it’s easy to play around with the online design tools at Packlane to see how your boxes would look. You can even design just one box to get started.

Examples of fantastic unboxing experiences

This is an excellent example of unboxing with cohesive branding. Have a Nice Day has used its smiley face logo as the key motif, with a cheerful hot pink accent color to build brand recognition. They also use free product samples to help increase the perceived value of the purchase.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Subscription box company The Book Playbox show off their quirky side by printing quotes on the tissue paper lining, which customers only discover once the package has been emptied. It’s this sort of thinking outside the box (pun intended!) that makes your unboxing experience even more memorable.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Thrive has a great unboxing experience that totally centers on the box itself. The moment of opening the box is their focus – their customers aren’t going to sample their products immediately. So they have to emphasize the pleasure of getting the box and deal with shipping on a heavy, mixed food-quality box too. Also, they offer a generic shipping invoice that looks like a computer spit-out and a thank-you note.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The Beer Advent Calendar from Beer Cartel is a true example of an unboxing experience that is interactive — and it lasts for a whole month.

Day after day in the month of December, the sipper returns to the box and discovers their new gift. It’s a process that will create memories and build inherent brand recognition.

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Memorable Unboxing Experience

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To wrap up (pun intended!): Creating a memorable unboxing experience is an unprecedented opportunity for you to stand out. Think of it as part of your marketing budget. Instead of investing in fleeding online ads, you are investing in a tangible thing, your customers will take a full moment to unwrap, enjoy and treasure.


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