New Loyalty Program, continued…

Roman Ananev

Earlier in the month, we’ve introduced the first part of our remastered Loyalty Program implying that you get a fixed discount: if your order total amount exceeds $500, you’ve got a 10% discount, if it is more than $1000, discount will be 15%.

Now, the second part of the Loyalty Program is ready for release – Dynamic Discount. Sounds mysterious?

No secrets, look at how it works:

  • Make purchases for $500 monthly during 2 consecutive months.
  • Get your guaranteed 10 % discount to purchase add-ons within the next 2 months.
  • Spent more than $300 (discounts included) during those 2 months? Congrats! Your 10% discount extends for the following 2 months!

Add-ons for $500/1 month + $500 / 1 month = 10% discount/next 2 months -> $300 with discounts -> 10% extends for the following 2 months

Summed Up Discounts!

Meeting all the conditions, you get both, the fixed and the dynamic discounts summed up!

Stay tuned to be the first to know about the upcoming release of the Loyalty Program!

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