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Performance Optimization For The Lottery Winner

As we announced on Facebook, Marian Iuga was the winner in our recent lottery. He won performance optimization service from Simtech Development. Now that we have analyzed the site, we are ready to show you the results.

The aim was to detect if anything slows down the site and ensure it stays optimized. Please note that the server settings haven’t been improved as we did not have the root SSH access.


What has been done:

  • analyzed Average Page Load Time from January 1, 2017 to May 5, 2017 via Google Analytics;
  • found the pages with load time more than 10 seconds;
  • checked Site Speed Suggestions;
  • optimized images for the home page.


Results and suggestions:

  • we recommend optimizing images on the store pages – as an example, we optimized images on the home page and the google page speed score has increased from 54 (red zone) to 90 (green zone) (according to Google Analytics);
  • total size of the home page has been reduced from 1.23MB to 1.02MB.
  • we recommend using CDN for images in order to decrease the server loading.


Detailed report on the analysis:

1) Average Page Load Time from January 1, 2017 to May 5,2017 is 3-4 seconds with only one case of more than 20 seconds load. This check helps to find continuing problems with a page load. The site doesn’t have such problems, as there was only issue. Most probably, it was a temporary server one.


2) Average Page Load Time from April 15 to May 5 is 3-4 seconds. We sorted pages by maximum Average Page Load Time in order to check the slowest pages.


We found several pages with load time more than 10 seconds. However, we noticed that it had occurred only once. It means that it could be some specific problem like server overload or bad internet connection on the user side.

3) We have checked Site Speed Suggestions. The important one is to optimize images on the store pages.


We have performed image optimization on the home page. The google page speed score has increased from 54 (red zone) to 90 (green zone). The score has been increased by 36%. Noticeable improvement, isn’t it.


4) Unfortunately, we could not check the server settings without the root SSH access. However, our suggestion for the server is to use CDN for images. This step will help decrease the server loading considerably.

To sum it up, we can say that the site performance really matters! And if you have any doubts about your store, you are welcome to use our Performance Optimization Services.

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We have recently released our new website with enhanced usability.

Our UX/UI team did their best. As you may know, not everything comes out perfect from the first try. So if you find any issues and come up with any suggestions, please contact us. We have a special gift for you ;)