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PWAjet Explained: SPA and PWA Benefits for eCommerce Brand Owners

Gayane Tamrazyan
PWA Benefits for eCommerce Brand Owners

Shoppers using mobile devices for in-store purchases make +50 percent of all eCommerce site active buyers. This mobile segment of your target audience often doesn’t complete their orders leaving carts abandoned. Why? Sometimes, the mobile version of your online store/marketplace is overloaded or works slowly. Often, not all mobile devices are capable to reproduce your page correctly. They distort the overall look-n-feel of your store making it absolutely unfriendly and difficult to search through and buy from it. 

You may lose your mobile-segment potential buyers even without knowing that. In this post, we’ll examine how to fix these issues with cutting-edge PWA and SPA technologies.

Reasons to fall in love with your PWA store for your customers:

Stats behind using mobile apps by an average user:

  • By the end of the 1st quarter of 2020, there were 2.56 million apps available for download (Statista)
  • Annual downloads of mobile apps made 204 billion in 2019 (Statista)
  • 85 percent of users spend most of their time in only 5 apps (Techcrunch)
  • 70 percent of mobile app users leave a mobile app if it is taking too long to load (Think Storage Now)

Do you still believe that your app listed on Google Play or App Store will hit the market? Think about the cost of listing and maintaining vs the real value of your app for the users.

PWA benefits for users:

  • Mobile users will get a lightning-fast and handy interface. 
  • They will be able to install your PWA store on the home screen to access it in one click. 
  • Making purchases from the mobile on the airplane mode? With PWA, anyone can add a product to the cart and complete the order once landed at the airport.

PWA proof points

Stats behind using PWA by eCommerce leaders:

  • Tinder PWA is 90 percent lighter than their native app. With PWA technology, they reduced their page load time from 11.9 to 4.69 seconds. 
  • Uber PWA loads for 3 seconds even on 2G mobile internet connections.
  • OLX increased its advertising clickthrough rate by 146 percent and reduced the bounce rate by 80 percent.
  • Washington Post PWA shows 88 percent better results than its mobile version.
  • Aliexpress PWA allowed the company to increase the time spent by the user on the page by 74 percent.

Benefits of PWA for eCommerce brand owners:

  • You have an all-in-one solution for a site/app.
  • PWA is delivered across all devices without the hassle of app-store distribution – an enormous barrier to entry for the client, the developer, and the end-user. 
  • PWA has your webpage as its base, but its design feels like an app – you have an app-like solution without having a native app (with all their drawbacks).

PWAjet unique features

PWAjet by Simtech Development is not a conventional progressive web app. It is a perfect blend of PWA and SPA technologies that bring a brand owner all the benefits of both. These cutting-edge solutions made it possible for any entrepreneur to create his or her own web app to reap a splendid harvest of PWAjet advantages!


Features and benefits

PWA explained:SPA explained:
PWA is a mobile app in a browser.Mobile app showing all the content on a single page.
PWA features and benefits:SPA features and benefits:
– PWA applies Service Worker to exchange the storefront data with all other connected services.Fast and lean loading – high performance: a single page loads faster.
– PWA uses the  HTTPS protocol to ensure secure data exchange.– Instant access to your app from any type of device. It is not tied up by the OS type or storage capacity.
– PWA is built using the Application Shell, a bare static skeleton of your webpage without content and dynamic data. The app shell loads first all the basic information of your store making PWA work faster.– The same data is not loaded twice: SPA fetches it once and then addresses it when needed. Increased speed and better usage of resources.
– Web App Manifest defines the name, the logo, and the view of the app for a browser. It allows adding PWA to the home screen as a standalone app.– A large amount of data in your store is not limited by user device memory.

With PWAjet by Simtech Development, your eCommerce site will sell more. You will please customers with high speed, handy user interface features, and better look not depending on the mobile capabilities! Still in doubt? 


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