Secure your site with HTTPS

Simtech Development Team

Hello. My name is Gleb and I am the head of the DevOps department. We configure and maintain servers for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor projects. Today I want to tell you about the security of eCommerce websites.
We all access HTTP and HTTPS sites on a daily basis, but few of us wonder if there’s actually a difference between these two. The Internet growth has become a serious risk to privacy and security. Every non-secure connection contains information about user behavior, and it has become common practice to capture and analyze such traffic.
They are watching…
Unencrypted web traffic encourages the interest of companies analyzing your web browsing (like Phorm or imarker) as well as attackers. They are aimed to hijack or sell personal data to obtain financial benefits.
Protection of personal data is encouraged by search engines. Google is already starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, meaning that websites using secure encryption may get a certain boost in Google rankings.
On top of that, Google Chrome developers have officially announced that they are launching a campaign to ensure better protection of websites. Beginning in 2017, the browser will mark HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure. In other words, before loading a page the browser will warn the user that this page is non-secure and will suggest confirming your action. Have a look at the screenshot below. No doubt, it will be difficult to retain customer trust.
Act wisely
This being said, it is essential to use HTTPS to protect your website today. Our DevOps engineers pay in-depth attention to security, so we have already switched our website to HTTPS and we will be happy to help you do the same.
We will choose the kind of the SSL certificate you need: a free Let’s Encrypt certificate, or a paid one, issued by a reliable certification authority, single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate. We will timely renew your SSL certificate before it expires.
SSL can impact the performance of your website. It can be explained by the fact that it takes time to encrypt data: match ciphers and get session IDs.
We will share with you the secret tips to speed up your website as far as the site performance and security level are equally important. Our team knows how to make the sites on HTTPS perform quicker than of your competitors. You can see it for yourself by checking out the SSLLabs report for our website.
Email me for a free consultation on moving your site to HTTPS. 

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