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Gayane Tamrazyan
Build your own bundle of our plugins

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Bundling several plugins in one package, you save on the total price, but not only! With a bundle of add-ons installed in your web store simultaneously, you benefit from synergy: the more useful add-ons are enabled all together, the better your website is performing. Don’t miss the chance to leverage performance with your personally selected plugins!

What to do to get 30 % off?

Buy 4 plugins from any category out of the list below and get 30% off on your personally created bundle.

SEO & Analytics

  1. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce: a must-have to track analytics for web store managers.
  2. Google AMP for SEO: improves the loading speed and the overall SEO ranking with Google.
  3. GA Quick View: a snapshot of your key metrics for Google Analytics right from your CS⁠-⁠Cart or Multi-Vendor dashboard.
  4. SEO Auditor: crawler that scans your website, inspect links, and monitor pages so that you could improve your SEO.

Authentication & Location Finding

  1. Two-Factor Authentication by Duo: double-protect your store dashboard with push notifications to your iPhone, Android- or BlackBerry phone about possible unauthorized access to your website.
  2. Two Factor Authentication by Google: secure your dashboard by generating a one-time password to verify your identity.
  3. IP Geolocation by MaxMind: a more precise pre-login shipping cost estimation with the strong support of the MaxMind broad database.
  4. Delivery Date: adds the ability for customers to specify a preferable date and time to receive orders.


  1. MailChimp eCommerce: connects to your MailChimp eCommerce account to add more abilities with your store promotion.
  2. MailChimp Advanced: let your customers join the email list using the MailChimp signup forms.
  3. Affiliate Light: manages referrals, coupons, and referral links.
  4. Special Offer: Buy X Get Y: adds a “Buy one, get one free” (BOGO) or “two for the price of one” sales promotion option.
  5. Gift Registry: let your customers create gift registry lists and share them with friends.
  6. Marketing Web Push Notifications: allows you to send notifications via the Google Firebase service to devices that support Web Push technology.
  7. Pop-Up Notifications Pro: allows you to create popups in your store.
  8. Product Bundles: enables creating a collection of products that are sold as a single unit to allow a discount for the whole kit.
  9. Vendor Ratings: allows you to display ratings of the vendors to add more transparency and trust to your marketplace.


  1. Instagram Feed Widget: connects the Instagram feed to showcase it right on your web store page.
  2. Facebook Pixel: tracks the actions taken on your website across devices and helps to run Facebook advertising campaigns.
  3. VK Market: allows you to create and sell products in the largest Russian social media.
  4. Real-Time Messenger: allows your customers to securely exchange messages with vendors in real-time.

Payment & Taxes

  1. Apple and Google Pay: allows you to use Apple and Google Pay, accept credit card and PayPal payments using Braintree payment gateway
  2. Braintree Marketplace: enables you to effortlessly split payments between you and your vendors.
  3. Payeezy Payment Gateway: lets you accept payments from the most popular credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and more.Β 
  4. Hide Payment And Shipping Methods For User Groups: provides additional settings to manage what payment and shipping options your vendors get access to.
  5. TaxCalcs by TaxJar: calculates the correct amount of sales tax.Β 


  1. Eagle Owl Previewer: shows the main image of a product with the icons of the further images.
  2. Parallax Effect: creates an optical illusion when the background image moves at a different speed than the foreground content.
  3. Customer Account Merge: merges two or more customer accounts into one to avoid duplicate records.
  4. Cloud Translation by Google: allows automatic translation of products, categories, blogs, pages, newsletters, order statuses, payment, and shipping methods to the target language or languages.

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