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My Brand Story: Summarizing the Contest Results!

Gayane Tamrazyan

Today, we are happy to announce the winners of our first-time-ever “My Brand Story” Contest. Four nominees contended for prizes as the best storytellers who can share the most valuable information about their path in eCommerce. 

Now, as one week has already passed, we are ready to distribute the prizes based on the number of likes in the ‘Share’ section under each ‘My Brand Story’ post accumulated after the end of Contest (17 June 2020). 

And the prizes go to:

#1st place – USD 1,000 credit: My Brand Story: Overcoming Challenges on the Mexican Market with Faly Music – 689 points

#2nd place – USD 500 credit: My Brand Story: Building a Successful Marketplace in Bangladesh with KABLEWALA – 155 points

#3rd place – USD 300 credit: My Brand Story: Developing an eCommerce Store in Vietnam – 12 points 


#3rd place – USD 300 credit: My Brand Story: Mastering the U.K. Market with Vawoo – 0 points

*Prizes can be used to pay for any number of orders for the development and purchase of add-ons and/or themes by Simtech Development, covering up to 30% of the cost. Bonus validity is 1 year (365 days). The discount does not apply to hosting and licenses.

Let us explain why we included the last story into the list of winners. At the time we were writing the terms and conditions of the Contest, we couldn’t foresee a story from the vaping market. Thus, we didn’t expect that Facebook after allowing us to publish this story announcement, won’t transmit data about shares and likes to the counter below the article (however, people liked and shared it)! The CEO of Vawoo and the Editorial Board of the Simtech Development only wanted to share the experience in building an online marketplace without any intention to promote cigarettes! That is why we decided to award the Vawoo story with third place.

We congratulate all the participants and the winners for this great opportunity to hear your voice, learn from your experience, and enjoy your stories! That was a very impressive time. Hope, we’ll hear from you more stories in the future! Thank you for your time!

Dear winners, please, refer to our HelpDesk for your just rewards!

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