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Top 10 eCommerce Marketing Services to Use in 2024

As today’s global networking interface changes, so does the world of eCommerce. With the ever-burgeoning world of various brands and businesses growing every day – whether they are in the business of retail, B2B, B2C, or simple consumer-facing products having an eCommerce platform along with eCommerce marketing services is essential.

Consumers can now find the availability of electronics, clothing and apparel, vehicles, insurance, and more online, and purchased with just the click of a button. With the proliferation of mobile telephony and the cheap availability of data, eCommerce has marketed itself as the current big thing. The landscape is vast and, therefore, limitless. If you run an eCommerce business, as with any other activity, effective marketing is essential. In the case of eCommerce, there exist several essential eCommerce marketing services that you, as a business owner, should keep in mind. But how does eCommerce marketing help, and what is eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce marketing is used to increase awareness of your brand, or the marketplace that you are using online to advertise your goods and services, whether that is one or many brands. If you are in the business of online apparel sales, you might only be retailing your in-house brand on your eCommerce marketplace, or you may be an online retailer responsible for the purchase of multiple brands online. As a retailer, your brand needs to be identified and marketed in the extensive array of already existing brands. If you have consumers already looking to make purchases, which in today’s economy is more often than not the case, what an effective eCommerce marketing strategy does is to leverage that willing buyer into their audience.

From word-of-mouth brand awareness or marketplace awareness, even online, brands have now moved towards various other business strategies that have effectively worked to expand the market. With the app market and the social media integration to business, having an online presence is a significant part of most marketing strategies, if not the largest.  Without further ado, here are some eCommerce marketing strategies that are known to be effective, particularly within the current market.

1. Web development services 

First impressions are often last impressions, and when you’re running an online marketplace and an eCommerce business, your website is your ‘face’ and makes the most influential first impression. It is the first time your customer, whether new, old or even just discovering online shopping, will be interacting with your business.

Standards are particularly high, as consumers who are used to the most prominent players in the eCommerce market expect the seamlessness that they have previously found and used from more prominent retailers. Your website should be optimized for every browser, every operating system, and taking care of other specific requirements your consumer might have.

2. Graphic design services

Although graphic design services and web development go hand in hand, graphic design services also go together with your social media marketing services. Functional, clean layouts and graphics are appealing to the eye, making consumers who click through to your marketplace more likely to stay there and make a purchase. 

A well-designed plan will keep your customers on your website, and more likely to make a purchase, and repeat orders on the site. Excellent graphics on social media will also redirect traffic effectively to your website and build brand goodwill. 

3. Content marketing services 

You might not have thought about it, but the content is king, even on eCommerce platforms. Since consumers have plenty of questions, especially before they go ahead and purchase from a brand/marketplace, giving them answers can make the difference between a click and a sale.

This can be done in the form of an expertly made landing page, with blog entries and text reviews, articles, and direct links to your products, therefore keeping things within the ecosystem of your brand. 

4. Video marketing services

Humans are visual creatures, and the internet a visual medium. Images and particularly video, in the age of Instagram, are your biggest bets. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, and even the old tried-and-tested YouTube, video content always grabs the most eyeballs. 

According to Blue Corona’s research, by 2019, videos will constitute 85% of all web traffic in the USA. This type of content is easily consumable, watchable, and has an immediate effect. 

5. SEO marketing 

To keep an overall check on the website, invest in proper SEO marketing. This keeps your quality and quantity of the products displayed on the page in check. For example, optimizing your webpage for search engines with the use of appropriate keywords and phrases is crucial. 

Long-tail keywords and short tail keywords are something you or your content professional should focus on, and ensuring all content is also optimized, is a great way to attract traffic and keep it there.

6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) Services

One of the most common and modern-day effective ways of eCommerce marketing today is pay-per-click advertising. Ad banners on related websites, content, and search engine terms lead consumers towards your website/marketplace.

You only pay the publisher when someone clicks on your ad. A digital marketing agency can help to form an effective advertising strategy to ensure your marketplace gets the best possible views and engagement.

7. Affiliate Marketing Services

For more prominence, engage content creators, blogs, and other websites to host links to your site. Linking back to your content, and marketplace helps send referrals back to you. Affiliate marketing helps networking online, as well. Not only will traffic be redirected towards your website, but this inter-networking also means your website is promoted in terms of SEO.

8. Email Marketing Services

Easy on the pocket for a company, email marketing is a handy tool for firms, whether you’re looking to score new customers or build on an existing customer base. Using databases for emails, create an email catalog – one that is regularly updated with content specifically designed to redirect to your marketplace or website. As well as keeping existing customers hooked with this same strategy is an effective way to keep them engaged with your website, products, and brands.

9. Conversion rate optimization services

SEO isn’t the only kind of optimization that a website or marketplace should be focusing on. Conversion rate optimization entails converting those who visit your site and landing page into concrete sales. Those who click on and visit your website need to be convinced to make a purchase and engage more deeply with your website, and external services can help that engagement.

10. App Development 

Today, for any company, it is crucial to have a strong, smoothly running front-facing app that interacts with customers. As important as your website is, with the percentage of the population now own smartphones that can support advanced applications, your app is the first stop for many customers, a particularly significant statistic in the eCommerce sector.

Everything from browsing to shopping to payment should be laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner that is also optimized for every technological specification, as well as for any and every operating system. A well-designed app that runs without bugs makes a good impression of your brand.

There are some very effective strategies and tools for eCommerce marketing services. It is ideal to adopt not just one or two, but all of them simultaneously, for an active, multi-pronged, and an all-rounded approach to eCommerce marketing.

Salil Panikkaveettil

Salil is the Co-Founder and CEO of AdNabu. He helps eCommerce companies to generate more sales from Google Ads. You can connect with him on Twitter or Linkedin.

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