Meet New Mailchimp eCommerce!

Gayane Tamrazyan

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform helping to set up their promoting campaigns and get more leads to their websites or remind your regular customers of yourself. You can apply Mailchimp’s eCommerce features to automate your email marketing campaigns to reduce the rate of abandoned carts in your store, to adjust notifications, or distribute promos in bulk letters. This is a powerful tool to automate mailing and track ROI for website owners.

Starting from November 2019, all CS⁠-⁠Cart or Multi-Vendor platform users can connect Mailchimp eCommerce features to their online stores. 

How to get started with Mailchimp eCommerce?

#1 Have an account on Mailchimp to get an API key and register your application. Read how to register application:

#2 Create a Mailchimp store on the service official page to finetune carts, products, orders, and customers and adjust your email marketing campaign goal (remind of an abandoned cart, set up a promo letter, or distribute notifications). Read how to finetune eCommerce features:

How to connect my CS⁠-⁠Cart to Mailchimp?

#1 Once, all the required features are set up, you can proceed with connecting it to your CS⁠-⁠Cart store or marketplace. You will need to get the Mailchimp eCommerce add-on:

#2 Connect it to Mailchimp eCommerce features preliminary set up on the Mailchimp side. Watch the video on how to connect:

What’s the difference between eCommerce and Advanced?

Mailchimp eCommerce by Simtech Development has an ability to integrate Mailchimp carts, products, orders, and customers – all the eCommerce features – to your CS⁠-⁠Cart or Multi-Vendor platform. Meanwhile, the ‘Advanced’ plugin can only let you join email lists using MailChimp signup forms. Choose the eCommerce add-on if you need to get carts, products, orders, and customers’ features connected to your store. If only a mailing list connection is required, you can select the ‘Advanced’ add-on. Read more about the differences between Mailchimp’s eCommerce and Advanced add-ons here.

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