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Generation Z Theme Released: What’s New?

Gayane Tamrazyan

Great news! We’ve released a brand-new marketplace-tailored theme. We named it as Generation Z. Why? The answer is simple – this is a rising generation that will define the shopping trends in the near future. The new theme is in tune with young shoppers’ habits. It is visual, mobile, interactive, and colorful. It is rich with features and visual elements to prompt GenZers to buy: 

  • Interactive keyboard navigation on site; 
  • Smarter navigation designed for better SEO;
  • Background image for sign in & authorization page;
  • Improved functionality to introduce your promos with specific icons;
  • Orders with different colors depending on status;
  • Improved order page interface: the user will be able to see up to three products on the order list.

Be the first to watch and order this fresh arrival from Simtech Development. 

This post continues a series of articles about the next generation:

Here, we’ll focus on figures. The facts demonstrate the bare truth, so you can draw your findings by yourself. However, for eCommerce companies, we provide our own considerations to pay attention to. In addition, this post will give you some visual examples to share some incentives on how to set up your business and get success while targeting Generation Z.

But, let us first remind:

Who are GenZers?

Generation Z Theme Released: What’s New?

They are a population of 9 to 24 age. They are mobile, social, communicative, realistic, and ethical.

Below is a comprehensive list of Generation Z statistics gathered on the web to build the full picture. Let us dive in:

Is GenZ actually the largest population?


Bloomberg predicted that Gen Z will make up 32 percent of the global population in 2019.

According to Business Insider, Generation Z, is ‘the youngest, most ethnically-diverse, and largest generation in American history, comprising 27% of the US population’.

McKinsey states that ‘in Brazil, Gen Z already makes up 20 percent of the country’s population’. 

And McCrindle agency says, ‘Generation Z is the largest generation ever, comprising around 20% of Australia’s population’ (


GenZers are the rising power who is influencing the Globe this century. So, it’s crucial for eCommerce companies to know all about their pains and gains, habits, shopping behavior, design preferences, – everything that may potentially define decision-making. 

Generation Z Theme Released: What’s New?

According to Oberlo, their shopping power in the U.S., the largest GenZ country, is estimated as 44B US dollars. Isn’t it a nice stake to get a profit?

What are the main pains of GenZers?


Generation Z Theme Released: What’s New?

Statista stipulates that in 2018, 77 percent of U.S. Gen Z adults indicated that they were stressed about work. 

The same source indicates an increasing percentage of U.S. residents who reported mental health problems. 37 percent of GenZers had received mental health help in 2018. 

24 percent of Millennials still smoke cigarettes, compared to 10 percent of Generation Xers and 13 percent of baby boomers.

The largest group of Captain Morgan drinkers in the U.S. was that of Millennials in 2018 followed by GenZers who drink less (Statista).


GenZers would prefer working at a cozy home office as they are the mental health problem most targeted population. They care about the health and try to avoid bad habits. For eCommerce, that means elaborating an online store with the maximum stress-increasing factors. Think about adding more entertainment elements, joyful colors, simple navigation, for example!

The Generation Z theme comes with smart nav elements and interactive keyboard navigation. These features will reduce stress and guide your audience through purchase funnel easier. 

What are the buying preferences of GenZers?


Statista shows that GenZers are the consumers who are willing to pay a premium for environmentally sustainable products in Canada and the United States in 2019. 37 percent of surveyed Gen Z U.S. consumers and 31 percent of Canadian GenZers stated that they are willing to pay a premium for environmentally sustainable products.

Moreover, statistics about consumer preferences of the Italian GenZers for 2018 demonstrates increased care about product quality and sustainability when purchasing food. 78 percent of Generation Z consumers prioritized quality when shopping for groceries.

At this, as the figures show, an average GenZer from Canada is more likely to buy from retailers or brands offering customized products. Based on Statista source, 69 percent of Millennials and Generation Z respondents stated the same in 2019.

According to a survey by Statista, 40 percent of the U.S. Generation Z adults would choose a medical provider that offers select digital services in 2019. 

In 2019, 43 percent of Gen Z home buyers said that smart home capabilities were highly important, whereas only 15 percent of Boomers said the same.

The main factors that influence purchase decisions for Generation Z consumers in Canada as of March 2019 display that some 94 percent stated that price was one of the main factors they consider when making any purchase.


They prefer eco-friendly, green, and GMO-free products and custom, handcrafted and hi-tech things. Don’t underestimate this trend. Add more sustainable and customizable products to your online marketplace inventory or put the emphasis on the similar items when inventing your marketing campaign! You may think that price-consciousness and craft goods contradict to each other. Maybe not: the price matters, but the personal touch is better.

Generation Z marketplace theme has got 4 color schemes. Select the Iceland Moss scheme to highlight the eco-friendliness of your goods or choose Light Black to add a hi-tech look to your online marketplace. Whatever your choice is, success is guaranteed.

What channels does Generation Z use to buy?


Look at these stats for Russia:

Generation Z Theme Released: What’s New?

Statista demonstrates that most influencing social media sources in Russia. In 2018, they were,,, and Other sources are less cited:,,,,, and

This social media trend is global and the breakdown is pretty similar among GenZ teenagers worldwide. 

Statista tells the following about brand discovery in the United States as of March 2019: 52 percent of Gen Z respondents discovered new brands through social media, while one percent indicated blogs as their source of brand discovery. At this, 26 percent of Generation Z consumers stated that they shopped on Instagram in the second part of 2018.

Speaking about Canada, statistic shows that in 2019, 48 percent of Millennials and Generation Z respondents said they are more likely to purchase from a retailer or brand that collaborate with influencers.

A Belgium survey regarding the types of influencer marketing useful tools to reach Generation Z illustrated that bloggers are the most influencing power in Belgium: 71 percent of the respondents.


Generation Z relies on brand influencers. An eCommerce company should think about the affiliate program enabling the store to gain the attention of the young population. It can be a separate tab with the user-generated content, for example, Instagram images uploaded by top rated bloggers.

Our Generation Z theme is very lucrative as it comes with lots of visual elements like icons to elements on the navbar, and social channels icons in the footer to engage the visual learners and drive more traffic to your website from multiple social channels.

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