Your Online Store: An Acid Test

Simtech Development Team

Here’s some useful advice that will help you identify the bottlenecks in your online store before your customers do.

Markup Validity

It’s so easy! Go to the Markup Validation Service and enter your website address. Don’t worry if there are a lot of mistakes on your website. You don’t need to correct every error but fewer errors means a faster download speed, which will help index your website.

Use the structured data testing tool to test your website’s structured data.

Download Speed

Go to Webo and enter your website address. This company provides recommendations on what you can do to increase the download speed of your site.

YSlow is another service you can use to test and improve your website’s performance.

Test the Mobile Version of your Site

To stay competitive, it’s important to have a good mobile version of your site. Smartbear offers a free trial that lets you test the mobile version of your website.

Test for Content

Copyscape checks for the unique content on your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Semrush is a service that allows you to compare your search engine advertising with your competitors. It’s possible to buy the professional version of the software.

If you prefer, you can use other services like Compete and Sistrix.

Search Engine Optimization

To verify the search engine optimization for your website, check the number of pages that have already been indexed by the Google search engine. Simply enter your website’s name, yourwebsite, into the search box.

We strongly recommend that you add your site to Google Webmaster. This will provide you with a lot of useful information about your indexed pages, your website structure, excluded pages, etc.

Online Marketing

Compare your website’s rates with the rates of your competitors’ sites. Learn more about their site visits, traffic sources, and their audience. Similarweb lets you sneak a peek into your competitors’ hidden marketing strategies.

Sitebeam tests for over 40 different aspects of a website, ranging from download speed, analytics, and search engine results to spelling and readability.

What services do you use? Fell free to leave your favourites in the comments below.

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