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CSI Rentals
the one stop shop for photo and video/cinema equipment​

CSI Rentals is the one stop shop in New York City and Brooklyn for photo and video/cinema equipment. The website implements an online reservation and quote system with the CS-Cart platform modified and fine-tuned by us to better serve the business needs. We introduced convenient payment options, calendar, and deposit email features.

Business Area

Photo and video rental




Integrate USAePay

Introduce calendar changes

Introduce changes in deposit emails

Implementing the project

Here we’ll tell you how we customized the project to improve its efficiency and functionality.

USAePay integration

Using the CardKnox payment gateway API, we integrated the USAePay payment. We made it possible for customers to pay more than once with the same amount. The setting can be set to 30 days so the payment can’t be duplicated for 30 days. 

We also introduced some minor changes in the appearance of the storefront. We moved the “Payment Amount” field above the “Security Deposit Amount” field. Our developers set the “0.00” value for the “Security Deposit Amount” field by default. Transaction email notifications are sent to the customer during each payment process.

Calendar modification

We adapted the calendar functionality – start and end times and additional settings – with a margin of available time of 30 minutes. The choice of time is not available if it is less than 30 minutes until the current time. We changed the functionality of the “Rental dates” on the “View cart” page and undefined the selected date if the current date is greater than the pickup date.

Deposit emails

We restyled the colors in the deposit emails sent to customers. For all “Deposit Only” transactions, we added a large title at the top “Security Deposit Only” in red color and used the bolded text in the email header. In the email body, the text color “Security Deposit Amount” was made red. For Payments, we painted the text “Payment Amount” green.


A rental marketplace with handy payment options, and easy booking via Calendar functionality

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