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Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is a company dating back to 1905, when brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips first struck oil in Oklahoma, leading to the 1917 launch of Phillips Petroleum Company. Today Phillips 66 is one of the largest finished lubricants suppliers in the United States. The group gathered dozens of partners, Kendall and Red Line Synthetic Oil are among them, and has multiple online stores on the Internet. We were addressed by an agency working with the Phillips 66 Company to customize the store. Sam works for neXrm, a technology consulting company specializing in development and data integration. That was a fruitful work useful for both sides:

Business area

Motor Oils
Assembly Lubes
Fuel Additives​

Business area

We have great confidence in their ability to deliver any reasonable customization for development we may require.

Sam, Partner & Founder of neXrm Solutions, LLC




Protected Numbers

Implementing the Project

Search Improvement


When selecting a category such as Brochures and entering a search word, brochures relevant to the search word were displayed, but across the whole site. So, the task was to implement the search for products only within the selected category.

On the P66 Combined store, we want the search function to be smart enough to realize we have already filtered down into brochures, for example, and don’t want other products. It seems that after you click on Brochures and then put in a search word, it pulls up anything on the website associated with that search term



The aim of that modification is to restrain the search on the category page in such a way that the search engine shows the related results only from this category and its subcategories. We added a new parameter for the Searchanise app to restrain the search. That parameter was sent to the app and after a user started entering the request in the search bar field on the category page, the script showed only the search results from the current category or its subcategories.

Single Sign-on Enhancement


The phillips66lubricantsshop has +15 storefronts and the owner wanted to combine some of the storefronts into one. At this, the login data has to be available to users across storefronts with the exception of one Collateral category having downloadable products inside. The user at the first login should get a special number (employee # or shipping number) assigned by the admin and stored in the database. At subsequent logins, the system should no longer require such a number (it has to be determined automatically), so that the user does not enter it twice. If the user does not have a special number, he should contact the administrator. Administrator has access to the protected IDs database.

We hired Simtech to develop a custom add-on for CS-CART to allow one of our multi-store storefronts to be able to secure selected categories or products with preexisting customer numbers with a larger project of helping implement Single Sign On (SSO) for selected Stores for our customer. The solution was required to work independently on multiple stores, allow for admin configuration and data imports and be compatible with any 3rd party Add-Ons or customizations.



  • We created a module to protect categories and products;
  • We added a page for entering the access code;
  • If the buyer is not authorized and goes to the protected product or category page, then a redirect for authorization comes up;
  • If the buyer is authorized and does not have access, then a redirect to the code entry page comes up;
  • If the buyer is authorized and has an access code, then he or she sees a category or product.

Protect Numbers Modification


Some of the IDs are protected numbers on the site. These IDs include the employees and customers’ numbers. Protected numbers are the private information about users and some browsers did not save “employees #” due to security reasons. But the project needed to have this information shown in any browser.


We modified the Protect Categories and Products add-on to ensure that the required protected information displays in any browser. We also added the ability to use letters and numbers for protected numbers to get more combinations and stronger protection.


We reached out to CS-CART after some support cases and were referred to Simtech for our more complex needs. The response was timely and extremely professional and organized. Being a technology consulting company ourselves we were very impressed by the level of communication either by email, ticket and even live Skype sessions with the actual team as well as the daily progress updates. Simtech also managed scope changes from our customers very well and communicated any issues or pricing changes BEFORE they became problems. It was, and is, a very pleasant and reliable experience.

Sam, Partner & Founder of neXrm Solutions, LLC
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