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See What Happens

A marketplace of glasses you can try on virtually

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See What Happens sells glasses on their marketplace. The project was launched in 2020. Business owners chose us as they were looking for a trusted partner capable of helping them to make the first steps in eCommerce. We installed the platform and made lots of customizations to turn the default Multi-Vendor into a place where customers can easily connect with local opticians even without leaving their homes. A peculiarity of the platform is the all-in-one and unique experience it provides to customers. The website can offer an opportunity to find the nearest optician, enter a prescription, book an appointment with a local optician, and even virtually try on glasses.


  • Integrate a service for glasses virtual try-on
  • Introduce a feature to find the nearest optician
  • Add an opportunity to book an appointment with a local optician
  • Develop a functionality to enter a prescription
  • Configure and release Stripe Connect

Implementing the Project

Integrate a service for glasses virtual try-on

The FitMix service (now known as Fitting Box) is an AR technology that turns an eCommerce website into a virtual mirror where customers can see glasses on their faces. The solution allows for instant face detection, ensures that the size of the frame is accurate and glasses fit the face shape. It finally renders an image in real-time.

We integrated the service for SeeWhatHappens.The integration allowed turning on the camera on the CS-Cart side and trying on glasses for customers.

The front camera turns on and glasses are tried on the customer’s face. A person can twist the head, and the glasses will follow that movement. Well, it’s very similar to the masks on Instagram.  The virtual try-on feature became an attribute added to the filters to allow customers to see the results with the ability to see the glasses on their faces.
After the integration, all visitors of the SeeWhatHappens marketplace can virtually try frames they want and make an informative decision sitting at home in front of the laptop

Introducing Find the Nearest Optician

We installed the Nearest opticians block on the main page. From the technical site, this function works thanks to the ability to receive vendor to customer distance by Google Maps and keep that distance in the customer session. The feature allows connecting buyers and sellers within the closest distance for the sake of both sides.

Book an eye test

We implemented a complex functionality to allow booking an eye test on site. To make it happen, Calendly service was integrated to the platform. The service is a free online appointment system to schedule a meeting. After connecting the service, the Calendar functionality appeared in the store. When you click it, a pop-up with the Calendar opens. A visitor proceeds with 2 steps. During the first step he/she selects the available day and time. The second step is for adding the customer details. After completing this step, a confirmation goes to the mail of the buyer, administrator and vendor.

Prescription function

The optician prescription functionality became an additional step of the checkout page. While checking out, customers can upload the doctor’s prescription or receive an email with a reminder to upload it later.  We added a file uploader to the Upload my prescription step at checkout and implemented the storage of prescription files in the CS-Cart file system. Then, we extended this modification settings to enable setting the file format for the prescription and the maximum file size.

Configuring Stripe Connect

We configured the Stripe Connect service to allow working with the Common products for vendors. This default CS-Cart add-on is perfect for creating a single product base as multiple vendors can offer the same products at different prices. But, this peculiarity should be properly considered by the payment service to include all the possible common product dependencies like for example RMA (return merchandise authorization or simply product returns). We successfully connected the service and ensured the marketplace Stripe Connect service considers prices and returns for common products in the right way.


A modern glass marketplace with virtual try-on feature, ability to book an eye test and find the nearest optician.
Project manager treated project like it was her own business.
Founder, CEO, SeeWhatHappens
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