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Add-Ons Special Offer on Upgrade Prolongation

Roman Ananev

In March, we talked about the importance of obfuscation and licensing modules!

All our modules undergo a deliberate licensing and code protection procedure to allow their further safe use in business. After the release, we support our modules and ensure compatibility with new versions of the CS-Cart platform, and eliminate all compatibility issues, if any, free of charge. It is crucial to make all the necessary updates in a timely manner. It helps to protect the store technical part and grow your business.

Is the Add-On Use Time-Limited?

The use of modules does not imply a time limit. For all our customers, we give one year of access to all upgrades and new features of the purchased add-ons. All updated archives can be found in your personal account. If you need to extend access to upgrades and new versions, you can use the prolongation service. If you do not need a prolongation, then you still are able to use the module of the version on which the upgrades expired.

Special Offers and News!

For those who already purchased our add-ons and use them now, we’ve got a special offer – a year of access to new versions until June 10, 2020! For a whole year, you will have access to all new features and upgrades. In June 2020, you can either extend access to upgrades or use the module without upgrades.

And that is not the last thing for you to announce: there is a special service rendered to apply small personalized add-on customizations made specifically for your store. Meet our new Support service! Find the service description and terms here!

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