15 Reasons To Choose AWS Cloud For eCommerce Business

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We’ve been translating the advantages of Amazon Cloud Hosting for eCommerce businesses for a long time. Just in case our words are not enough, we have found other experts’ opinion on the subject.

The obvious benefits of the AWS infrastructure

  • Fast work
  • Low downtime
  • High productivity
  • Exceptional security (digital)
  • Data safety (physical)
  • Scalability

Experts opinion in favor of AWS Cloud solutions for eCommerce

AWS name these reasons why IT leaders choose their infrastructure

  1. Effective cost. Companies save millions of dollars every year.
  2. Rearrange resources. Shift IT staff focus on differentiated work and strategic business initiatives.
  3. Sustainability. Offer reliable and high-performing applications to your clients.
  4. Flexibility. Instill IT and business operations with agility and the ability to innovate much more rapidly

Cloud Academy, a technical training platform, underlines the following advantages of moving the business to AWS:

  1. The cloud can fit your business strategy. If you’re looking to expand your business in the global market with services that are available 24/7, it is clear that your business could benefit from having a cloud system.
  2. The cloud will reduce both capital and operational expenses. It’s less expensive than creating your own infrastructure and the price is decreasing.
  3. The cloud provides a safe, secure system. For companies contemplating a move to the cloud, security is a primary concern.
  4. The data will always be yours. One of the most common myths about cloud computing is that you’ll no longer have ownership or control over your data. It’s just not true.
  5. Only authorized company members will be able to access the data. As with data ownership, people are often worried that they will not be able to control who is accessing their data once they place it in the cloud. This is another concern that has no basis in reality.
  6. The team will be more productive and focused. A team that is released from these repetitive daily tasks can be more focused on innovation and customer needs and can be more dedicated to the product and therefore more productive, especially when it comes to resolving any major issues.

Data Flair, another tech training resource, points out several more reasons to go for AWS:

  1. Easy to use. AWS’s platform is clearly expressed and even a neophyte can use it. There won’t be any problem for a new applicant as well as for an existing applicant.
  2. No capacity limits. Organizations launch different projects and the guess what capacity they will need. AWS helps them by providing this capacity at a minimum cost.
  3. Provides speed and agility. In the old world if we talk to an engineer, Enterpriser or a company about how long will it take to hire a server, the answer we will get is 1 week. But AWS provides us within minutes.
  4. Secure and reliable. Amazon allows you to innovate and scale while keeping a secure environment and all you have to pay only for the services you use.

Growth Business, an online media portal for entrepreneurs from London, adds one more point, which is very important for businesses:

  1. Improved collaboration. Business owners are always looking for ways to boost individual and team performance. Cloud computing is among the most effective ways of improving team performance.

Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud: Potential Benefits of Cloud Migration

There are many problems that moving to the cloud can solve. Here are some typical scenarios that will benefit from cloud migration.

  • Your application is experiencing increased traffic and it’s becoming difficult to scale resources on the fly to meet the increasing demand.
  • You need to reduce operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of IT processes.
  • Your clients require fast application implementation and deployment and thus want to focus more on development while reducing infrastructure overhead.
  • Your clients want to expand their business geographically, but you suspect that setting up a multi-region infrastructure – with all the associated maintenance, time, human, and error control effort – is going to be a challenge.
  • It’s becoming more difficult and expensive to keep up with your growing storage needs.
  • You’d like to build a widely distributed development team. Cloud computing environments allow remotely located employees to access applications and work via the Internet.
  • You need to establish a disaster recovery system but setting it up for an entire data center could double the cost. It would also require a complex disaster recovery plan. Cloud disaster recovery systems can be implemented much more quickly and give you much better control over your resources.
  • Tracking and upgrading underlying server software is a time consuming, yet an essential process that requires periodic and sometimes immediate upgrades. In some cases, a cloud provider will take care of this automatically. Some cloud computing models similarly handle many administrative tasks such as database backup, software upgrades, and periodic maintenance.
  • Capex to Opex: Cloud computing shifts IT expenditure to a pay-as-you-go model, which is an attractive benefit, especially for startups.

Practical experience: Brands that choose AWS share their experience

More than a million active customers use AWS Cloud solutions to deliver flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems Managed Services program delivers enterprise software such as Adobe LiveCycle Forms, Adobe Connect conferencing software, and Adobe CQ5 to Fortune 100 companies, large multi-national corporations, and government agencies. Adobe uses AWS to provide multi-terabyte operating environments for its customers. By integrating its systems with the AWS Cloud, Adobe can focus on deploying and operating its own software instead of infrastructure.

Watch the video>>>


Atlassian is an enterprise-software company that project managers, software developers, and content managers use to work more effectively in teams. Its primary application is an issue-tracking solution called JIRA. Atlassian has more than 1,800 employees serving more than 68,000 customers and millions of users.

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Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics helps advance human health through innovation. By using services such as Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Auto Scaling, Amazon ElastiCache, and AWS CloudTrail, Siemens has built a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and scalable platform on AWS.

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