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Top Best Black Friday Campaigns For ECommerce Brands
Top Black Friday Campaigns for eCommerce Brands

This post gathered 20 best practices for Black Friday campaigns, including Apple, Amazon, Steve Madden, EA Sports FIFA and other big players. You will find examples of how to craft your holiday season campaign to promote your deals in the most effective way.

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How to sell coffee
How to Sell Coffee Online: Best Practices of Top 5 Online Coffee Sellers

In today’s digital age, selling coffee online has become an increasingly popular business venture. With the right strategies and tools, you can tap into a vast market of coffee enthusiasts and build a thriving online coffee business. This article will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips on how to effectively sell coffee online and maximize your success.

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Get It and Pay It Brand Story
My Brand Story – Positioning Get IT & Pay IT as the Third Marketplace in Mexico

“Currently more sellers have joined and trust is growing little by little, which is reflected in the number of visits to our url, likes on social networks, and customers who register day by day in our Marketplace”, – shares Victor, CEO of GET IT & PAY IT. This is the last story of our My Brand Story Contest. From this post, you will learn about how this Mexican marketplace solved the chicken-and-egg problem and drove customers and sellers to their platform right from the very launch. Victor describes how they found growth opportunities when the pandemic arose. We found the story very inspiring and insightful. You can support the story of the GET IT & PAY IT brand with your likes, shares, and comments. Let your favourite story win!

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Urbankissed Brand Story
My Brand Story – Urbankissed, A Marketplace for Handmade Treasures & Unique Products

“We are growing very rapidly. Our revenue grew by 650% in Q1 2021”, says Sophie in her interview for My Brand Story Contest dedicated to ignite passion for digital entrepreneurship. Sophie has been running Urbankissed, a Slow & Ethical Fashion marketplace, since 2017. Now, her online business has strong positions in the market. But all of that is due to hard work, wise strategy, and a reliable technical partner by her side. Read the story from Sophie about finding your own way in eCommerce. Don’t forget to reward the storyteller with your shares. likes, and comments!

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Unixmo Brand Story
My Brand Story – Bringing Most Complex Flows Together With UNIXMO Project

“We have about 400+ Car dealers with 20,000+ cars in NZ. And now we are onboarding 15 retailers and still counting”. These are the words of Don, a rep of the UNIXMO Marketplace team. We helped his project to grow with our customizations. And now, the marketplace team shares their story of success. This is one more post of a series dedicated to My Brand Story Contest. You can support your favourite storyteller with your likes, shares and comments both on Instagram and Facebook. Let your fav win!

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CS-Cart stores that grew despite pandemic
CS-Cart Stores That Grew Despite Pandemic

The health crisis forced many companies to leave the market and close their businesses. However, online retail has been given a new impetus. We gathered stories of the digital entrepreneurs who run their online marketplaces on Multi-Vendor for you to show how you can overcome challenges and increase your customer and/or vendor bases despite the pandemic.

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Women-Led Businesses for Your Inspiration
Women-Led Businesses To Get Inspiration From

International Women’s Day is over, but we keep on celebrating the Women’s History Month. Today, we’ll tell you more about some women-led businesses, how they cope with entrepreneurship to sustain hard conditions during the pandemic and even keep on growing their marketplaces, what they do differently, and what helps them to remain motivated.

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Simtech Development Interview with Puzzlesprint
My Brand Story: Interview with PuzzlesPrint Brand Owner

This post is completely dedicated to the customer experience. We interviewed Aivars, the owner of PuzzlesPrint store to get to know what he likes about dealing with us. In addition, by this article we would like to announce the release of new cases on Read, like, and share to get more insights about eCommerce business!

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How Do You Attract Vendors to Your Marketplace? 5 Stories from Acknowledged Experts

“How to attract vendors?” is the priority question a marketplace owner asks himself before launching his or her business online. We’ve collected some recommendations from the mature business owners and marketers about their methods for attracting vendors to their eCommerce platforms. Real merchants share what challenges they did face, what they did to overcome suspicion with their candidate partners, and win the battle for resellers!

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Vendors for Your Marketplace: Chinese Car Brands Seeking to Succeed in Europe

The automotive industry is an evergreen topic and a business area that is continuously evolving and expanding. It is a stable niche where eCommerce concept can be naturally implemented. An automotive marketplace can adopt multiple forms: it can be a tuning company offering its services to the global market, it can be a local dealer selling cars to a narrow niche or even a car repair shop. Whatever segment you fill, knowing trends in the automotive industry is the key to success. In this article, we are sharing the car industry exclusive insights taken from a Russian top blogger. The article deals with the Chinese brands that are going to make their presence in Europe. Keeping an eye on them, a marketplace owner can find vendors or dealers for his or her selling website.

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How to Make Money from Sharing Economy? Airbnb Case

Digital retail is transforming rapidly to fit the needs of modern society. To succeed in eCommerce, you now should be more social: practicing zero waste, living a sustainable or eco-friendly life, co-living. How to apply these concepts to business? In fact, all of them can be covered by one discipline – the sharing economy.

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