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My Brand Story: Interview with PuzzlesPrint Brand Owner

Gayane Tamrazyan
Simtech Development Interview with Puzzlesprint

Today, we are having an interview with Aivars, the owner of the PuzzlesPrint online store operating in the on-request puzzle printing. Recently, we’ve published a case describing the technical part of our business cooperation. Now, we would like to add some personality to the story and tell you more about the brand background. We asked the store owner some questions about his way in eCommerce, choices that he made, and solutions that allowed him to grow his online business. Here are the answers that we’ve got.

Interview with the brand owner

Aivars, please, tell us how did you come up with the platform selection?

Why we choose CS-Cart? We started to use CS-Cart in 2010. Before that, we used to have our website on WordPress and Joomla. The biggest advantage of CS-Cart that it is packed with all the necessary features to start an eCommerce business, you don’t need to buy any additional add-ons to run a basic store.

We believe that the following are the main advantages that you get if you are using CS-Cart:

  1. Quick and stable website. Hosting also plays an important role in website performance.
  2. You don’t have to be a professional web developer, it is enough if you know basic HTML.
  3. It is very easy to transfer the website to another domain or hosting provider.
  4. If needed, it is easy to find an add-on (for good prices), which will ease and automate everyday workflow.
  5. You can find solutions to all questions that arise when working with the CS-Cart platform in CS-Cart forums, if you can’t find an answer you can create a post yourself. Also, the HelpDesk is very helpful and provides solutions and answers in a very short period.

In our opinion, CS-Cart is the best choice if you wish to start your own eCommerce business, and given our experience with CS-Cart, we can recommend it to others!

When it comes to customization, you select Simtech Development. Can you share the reasons with our readers?

When we started our first eCommerce store we sold digital print products. Simtech Development created a price calculator add-on for us, so that customer can calculate prices online and make a purchase. The add-on was made exactly as we needed, and it worked perfectly until we decided to only sell custom puzzles online. We reworked the website to only sell jigsaw puzzles.

To make the customer experience better and our workflow faster we purchased multiple add-ons:

All add-ons that we have purchased are working without any problems.

Since last year we are using Simtech Development hosting services, and if we compare it to our previous hosting provider our website speed performance has increased twice. Hosting by Simtech Development is reliable and fast so we can recommend it to others!

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