Photo puzzles for personalized gifts​

PuzzlesPrint is one of the leading manufacturers of personalized puzzles for customers in the United States. PuzzlesPrint helps customers turn their photo into a jigsaw puzzle and create a great personalized gift for any special event significant for them!
  • Puzzles and games
Location: Hungary


B2C Platform
Optimize The Site Structure For Organic Visibility
Provide Hosting Security

Implementing the Project

CS-Cart for B2C

CS-Cart was chosen as the base platform to unfold the project. The solution offered the client the much-needed flexibility to meet the specific business needs.
The idea of providing customers the ability to create personalized jigsaw puzzles from their own photos required significant customization of the platform.
Only the open-source eCommerce software such as CS-cart could give the freedom to implement the idea and enable the business owner to do the following modifications to fit the requirements of the unique project:

  • The storefront was made to guide shoppers through a customer journey – pick a puzzle size, template, upload your photo, and add to cart
  • The online photo editor was added to allow customers to make their puzzles even more personalized
  • The online puzzle game was created to attract and entertain customers

We started to use CS-cart in 2010. In our opinion, CS-cart is the best choice if you wish to start your own eCommerce business! It is packed with all the necessary features, you don’t need to buy any additional add-ons to run a basic store. You also don’t have to be a professional web developer, it is enough if you know basic HTML. Given our experience with Cs-Cart, we can recommend it to others!

Aivars, CEO of

Customization of JSON-LD for SEO add-on

The JSON-LD for SEO was chosen to increase the searchability of PuzzlesPrint store and its products across the web.
The add-on provided the organized and structured data for PuzzlesPrint store using & JSON-LD markup to enable search engines like Google to pick up this data and present it in Rich Snippets.
The client has a product category with free products. The basic logic of the add-on provides that some products with zero prices are interpreted by the Google search engine with an error. We modified the logic of the add-on performance and fixed product page markup. Now the Google search engine interprets these types of products as normal. This optimized the structure of the website and now the website has higher positions on the Google search engine results page.

Cloud Hosting

We provided a full technical solution for hosting the PuzzlePrint project. Our client trusted handling all technical complexities of the hosting to our expert team to eliminate the need for in-house IT staff and so that he could focus on the business growth with complete peace of mind.

Our hosting team:

  • Optimized server configuration for maximum performance of the eCommerce project
  • Provided free, automatically renewed SSL certificate, daily backups, and hacker attacks preventions
  • Supported the project with our multi-layer monitoring system that watches the project’s security 24/7/365
  • Provided 24/7 server incidents reaction with a 15-minute response time according to the Cloud Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As one of the best and most preferred hosting providers for CS-Cart-based websites on the market, we know how important security is for our clients.
This is why server security is one of our top priorities. If something goes wrong, we take immediate measures to keep our clients’ servers and websites secure.

Thus during the course of regular server monitoring, our system once detected potentially unsafe files. The hosting team investigated the alert, determined the source where the files came from and deleted them to prevent any possible damage to the website. As a result, we regained the security and stability of the project.

Our 24/7 monitoring services not only provide detailed information on the health of our client’s server but also include performance benchmarking, alerting capabilities, failure forecasting, etc. to keep the website of our client running smoothly.
It is our job to ensure our client’s website and applications stay up and running at all times!


Since last year we are using Simtech Development hosting services, and if we compare it to our previous hosting provider, our website speed performance has increased twice. Hosting by Simtech Development is reliable and fast and we can recommend it to others!

Aivars, CEO of


Since PuzzlesPrint started selling personalized puzzles, the company established its online presence and has been staying competitive for over a decade. The company’s customer base and the number of orders are growing daily thanks to the optimized organic visibility and unique interactive business-to-customer features of the website.
CS-Cart with SimtechDev Cloud Hosting is a great solution to ensure the stability of the website so that your customers can shop day and night! The hosting environment of the website is monitored by our information security specialists around the clock to ensure the security and stability of the project.

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