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GOAT Hydroponics is run by Steve and Jen, a husband and a wife. The business was established back in 2019. Their physical store based in Canberra, Australia, attracts customers who are all from a variety of backgrounds. Some of their clients buy GOAT’s products to grow micro herbs for restaurants. Others produce plant-based deodorants with the items purchased at GOAT. This CS-Cart based online store follows the B2C model and sells quality garden accessories Australia-wide.

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Integrate Square Payment gateway

Upgrade CS-Cart

Integrate Shipit shipping service

Provide technical assistance

Implementing the project

Square payment gateway integration

With Square, digital entrepreneurs can add payment processing within their stores and make its PCI compliance easy as the platform provides all the pieces to protect the cardholder data from purchase to funds delivered to the merchant account.

The GOAT store owners reverted to us with a request to connect with this popular gateway. They provided us with the API and we developed an add-on to introduce a new payment method.

The add-on work is to direct customers to the SQUARE service to process the payment on the gateway side. 

Introduction of the new functionality entailed changes in the payment method editing form. Our team developed one more add-on named Payment Choices to inform customers about all payment methods available in the store. The page with the Payment Choices gives the instructions about the payment options. The information for this page is fetched by our add-on from the active payment methods. The modification allows showing payment processors’ logos for better representation of information.

Shippit shipping integration

Shippit is an Australian service to ship parcels. It allows booking multiple carriers and tracking the parcel journey from the order placement to its delivery. 

We integrated the service to give the GOAT customers an opportunity to select Shippit as an additional shipping method at checkout. It expands the default CS-Cart shipping options and provides a better customer experience. The integration included the ability for a customer to choose and save the selected shipping method in the order data for its further use.

CS-Cart Upgrade

One way to stay updated on eCommerce technology is to keep your store up-to-date. You need to upgrade at least once a year to adopt new features and get new fixes. It is all about the safety and performance of your store. Of course, Steve and Jen could do a self-upgrade of their store through the Upgrade Center functionality. However, their website has lots of add-ons, themes and heavy modifications. In such cases, we usually recommend hiring an expert team to safely transfer all the changes. Our team is constantly monitoring changes in the CS-Cart platform to stay fully cognizant of the latest improvements and bug fixes. That’s why our upgrades allow stores to evolve at the same pace as the CS-Cart platform.

So, the GOAT site owners requested an upgrade their version to 4.11 as the later one is bigger and has more major differences, namely:

  • Responsive admin panel,
  • New email and document templates,
  • Updated jQuery version,
  • New rules and templates in the code,
  • Major improvements and new functionality has been introduced,
  • New security fixes and bug fixes.


With the upgrade done by our experts, the site got a fresh CS-Cart version and kept all customizations made to the date.


A fast growing online store providing Australia-wide convenient shipping and payment options.

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