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Meet the Starter Pack, a Pack for Online Store Owners!

Gayane Tamrazyan
Starter Pack

What is the quickest way to start an online business? It’s obvious that the easiest and thus the fastest way to launch an online store (you’re the only seller) is to pick up a pre-packaged and ready-made platform. By doing this, you get rid of all the hidden mistakes related to a weak knowledge of the online business specifics. Instead, a well-designed code allows you to sell online without deep technical expertise from your side.

At Simtech Development, we customize CS-Carts for more than 15 years. Based on our experience, we developed +100 add-ons for the platform owners helping them not to reinvent the wheel and connect a new functionality without elaborating it from scratch. We went even further, and prepared a kit that gathers the most frequently used add-ons for eCommerce newbies starting their businesses online for the first time. 

A special kit for startup CS-Cart owners 

The Starter pack has the add-ons that are not only useful and even mandatory when launching but has a reduced price as compared to the same add-ons purchased individually.

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack bundle is a bundle for newbies that contains add-ons for new stores to launch and get results faster and more efficiently.

Google Analytics Enhanced EcommerceSimplifies the setup of analytics. It is critical to set up analytics correctly from the very beginning in order to effectively spend ad budgets and analyze the traffic of the first customers.$66
Facebook PixelIt simplifies the setup and expands the functionality of the default add-on. It is one more add-on important for analytics measuring and spending ad budgets to get your first customers in a more effective way.$61
SEO TemplatesOne of the first steps when opening a store should be SEO settings, so that your store could start indexing as early as possible.$63
Clone CategoriesIt greatly simplifies and speeds up the creation of complex catalogs, which saves time when starting a store.$34
Sticky Product BarHelps to increase conversion in your store.$35
Product LabelsHelps to highlight items for customers from the very start putting the main focus on those product categories that are of the top priority for that online store.$41
Pay by LinkSimplifies the interaction of store employees and customers, which is reflected in the speed of order processing and conversions.$35
Order ImprovementsExpands the order processing functionality available in default CS-Cart.$35
Similar Products by TagAllows you to make the product search more convenient for customers turning your visitor into a buyer.$13
Total for all add-ons (individually bought)$383
You save (with a 30% discount)$115
Price for a StartPack bundle$268

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