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Vendor Pack: How to Speed Up Your Multi-Vendor Launch and Save?

Gayane Tamrazyan
Vendor Pack: Only Useful Add-Ons for Multi-Vendor

After eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, and other marketplace giants, this sort of eCommerce business gained traction. A marketplace platform type supposes that the owner of the platform hosts vendors who sell their goods paying some fee to the owner.

In our previous post, we’ve already mentioned that the fastest way to launch an online business is to pick up a pre-packaged solution. Such a solution ideally should include the platform itself and a pack of add-ons making your start more effective and measurable. As we are in the eCommerce business for already 15 years, we know what add-ons are the most useful to allow newbies to launch quickly. We created a bundle capable of skyrocketing your start and make it cheaper.

Meet our special kit for startup Multi-Vendor owners 

Vendor pack

The Vendor Pack bundle is a bundle for Multi-Vendor that contains the top needed add-ons for marketplace owners and vendors. It includes:

Vendor RatingsAllows buyers to evaluate the vendor rating, which ultimately has a positive effect on the quality of vendor work.$41
Vendor Business HoursImproves the shopping experience thanks to the logic associated with each vendor’s operating hours.
Vendor Background ImageImproves the perception of a vendor page by customers.$19
Product LabelsAllows vendors to use the labels created by administrators as they see fit focusing sales on the right products.$41
Real-Time MessengerLive communication between the vendor and the buyer has an excellent economic effect: it increases trust in the seller, accelerates the sales, and increases conversion.$137
Delivery DateConvenient choice of delivery intervals for each vendor: the customer has an opportunity to choose a convenient time period which maximizes chances for purchase decisions for that particular marketplace.$51
Follow VendorAn opportunity to collect subscribers for each vendor and ability to work with client bases increasing the LTV of each customer.$56
Order and User TagsIncreases the convenience and speed of order processing.$24
Total of all add-ons (as individually bought)$394
You save (with a 30% discount)$118
Price for a VendorPack bundle$276

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