Women-Led Businesses To Get Inspiration From

Gayane Tamrazyan
Women-Led Businesses for Your Inspiration

For this Women’s History Month, we gathered the most exciting stories of our clients – women who run their own online businesses. Learn about the women-led businesses’ background as they take us behind the scenes of the launch of their stores.

Woman behind sustainable fashion

Sophie Brunner, the Founder
Sophie Brunner, the Founder

Our first shoutout of the day goes to Sophie Brunner, the Urbankissed marketplace founder. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with but her site became a game changer on the sustainable fashion market. Sophie left her full-time job at a Swiss bank following her passion for conscious fashion and launched her own online marketplace. The main idea behind the marketplace creation was winning the consumerist fast-fashion culture like Zara and alike and offer conscious brands that cater for the quality of materials used to produce cloth and the working conditions of their staff.

Sharing this platform to create more conscious choices with such a wonderful and engaged community fills us with hope every day. We are a very small but highly motivated team of female entrepreneurs and want to provide the best in sustainable and ethical items we possibly can for all of the different moments of our life.


For the last six months, the number of vendors who have joined the platform doubled, going over 100 sustainable brands. Is it a true success, especially during a global pandemic? 

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Women behind provocative art

Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer. PHOTO COURTESY: BBC NEWS
Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer. PHOTO CREDIT: BBC NEWS

Another shoutout goes to Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer, the cofounders of the art online platform Witchsy. Their site is a curated marketplace for alternative, bizarre, and dark-humored art. The two artists decided to start their own online business for weird art in Los-Angeles as an alternative to Etsy’s standard handmade crafts from stable hand-selected artists. The items range between fiercely feminist to obscene. Before launching, the cofounders have tight budgets and minimal tech skills but true passion and willingness to promote non-Etsy-like art. Initially, nobody took their idea seriously. 

When we were getting started, we were immediately faced with ‘Are you sure? Does this sound like a good idea?’. I think because we’re young women, a lot of people looked at what we were doing like, ‘What a cute hobby!’ or ‘That’s a cute idea.’


During the first year, Witchsy sold about $200,000 worth of this art. They paid its vendors 80% of each transaction. That was a small profit but the business was given a massive push to develop further. They received investment from a Rick and Morty co-creator for creating some exclusive products. Penelope and Kate keep on offering a sustainable place for artists to sell their items without censorship and things seem to be going well so far.

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