Announcing New eCommerce Services to Grow your Business!

Simtech Development Team

We are happy to present you our new services. Whether you are a newbie to the eCommerce business or an experienced eCommerce businessman  we will help you to promote and maximize the selling power of your online store.

CS-Cart Design & Usability Audit


Simtech Development is an expert not only in CS-Cart custom development service, but also in web design service. We have a team of experienced designers and developers who can create websites optimized for search engines and conversions.

The usability audit is carried out by our competent specialist, who is an expert in design and usability trends in eCommerce. The specialist will  effectively detect key interface issues and weak points and give a list of recommendations on how to fix them.

With CS-Cart eCommerce usability audit you’ll get individual expert  analysis which will show the usability state of your store’s and actionable list of tasks.

Who we recommend CS-Cart Design & Usability Audit to:

  • Entrepreneurs having a CS-Cart eCommerce website at the initial stage of development;
  • Anyone who has doubts in the new version of the CS-Cart;
  • Entrepreneurs who need an independent opinion and expert advice on usability;
  •  Anyone who is involved in the development of a website on CS-Cart.


Filling in the form

You need to fill in a short form with questions about your business. Get ready to answer the following questions:

  • What is the business goal of the website?   
  • What competitive advantages do you have?     
  • Which promotion channels do you use/are going to use? 
  • Who are your target customers?
  • Describe your potential customer (age, gender, marital status, interests, etc. 
  • Describe the way a customer acts on your website.

Studying the project

After you answer all the questions, we will make a report based on your answers and examination of your store.

Making a report

We will create a document where the most crucial points of design and usability of your store will be outlined.
The analysis report will include:       
The list of online stores of your competitors;   

  • Key weak points of the existing store;     
  • Top priorities for your designers and developers;    
  • The list of pages that require design modification;    
  • Key improvements for the home page;  
  • Suggestions on design elements, typography, changes for color palette, etc.

Service price: USD 300

Professional Google Analytics installation and setup


Simtech Development can help you with all kinds of services regarding Google Analytics, from getting started with your web analytics software to training your staff how to use your analytic tools more effectively.

The data will be presented in summaries and reports, according to the specific business goals. You won’t need to train your employees to navigate the jungle of the Google Analytics web interface.

The result in numbers and diagrams will show:

  • What you achieved using site promotion and development;
  • Advertising that works better in your online store;
  • Products that your potential customers look for more often;
  • Reason they leave your store without making orders;
  • The way the changes you make on the site affect your conversion.

The service consists of the following steps

  • You tell us about your goals, target audience and results you’d like to achieve;
  • We connect your online store to the Google Analytics service (if it hasn’t already been connected to it);
  • Our team sets up goals in Google Analytics for your online store according to your tasks;
  • We create utm-tags to track your campaigns.

Service price: USD 100

Want to entrust your online store to professionals? Get a free quote on our website or email us at

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