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Choosing The Best Hosting For CS-Cart Online Store and Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Maksim Komonov

High-quality hosting for CS-Cart based online store or Multi-Vendor is a prerequisite for significant online sales and a large number of customers.

Any long-term unavailability of the resource will necessarily lead to a decrease in search results or even a complete loss of the page from the index of search engines. In addition, the inoperability of the resource will certainly be accompanied by lost profits from customers who have failed to enter the portal and place an order.

In this regard, the choice of hosting for an online store is a very important point.

The main requirement to hosting for the online store

One of the main criteria of hosting for the online store is the load speed. Customers want to make purchases with a minimum of actions without waiting for the site to load. Slowing down the store will inevitably lead to the loss of potential customers, deterioration of the company’s image and sales.

The smooth operation of the site will allow you to achieve excellent results in business: increase sales, attract new customers and significantly improve the company’s rating among competitors.

Criteria for the hosting for the online store

In order to choose a truly reliable hosting that will enable you to fully realize the potential of a business project, you need to understand which criteria you should pay attention to in the first place.

1. The cost. For an online store, it is strictly not recommended to choose free hosting services, since this option directly influences the speed and security, especially if it has a large number of customers.

AWS Cloud Hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor offers a range of plans for businesses of different sizes. The cost is effective as it includes many services regarding load speed optimization and security.

2. Backup. This feature will help protect the resource from the consequences of possible hacking and the accidental loss of important information. The process of making copies of the site should be done as often as possible, and copies should be kept in different places for several days at least.

We do backups every day according to a schedule convenient for you. We will keep each copy for 7 days in another data-center in a different area. In case of any problem, we will be able to recover your data immediately.

3. Security. Hosting provider has a system or a procedure for constant monitoring of the server security. It can include searching for open ports or vulnerable files that are accessible from the outside, updating the server software and alerting procedures.

We constantly monitor the servers for vulnerabilities. Even when we sleep the automotive monitoring system watching the servers and in case of any suspicious activity, will trigger and wake us up to look through it. We also update server software, utilities, and eCommerce platform itself as soon as the update has been released and checked for compatibility with other software. We have applied a self-designed algorithm to update instances automatically.

4. Technical support. Uninterrupted and competent technical support will help to quickly solve all the problems that may arise with access to the online store.

AWS Cloud Hosting provides technical support via a convenient online interface with fast response time. If you need any help with tuning your server, getting additional access, upgrading the configuration or just want to get any information regarding your hosting – contact us and we’ll be there to assist. We do our best to act proactively so that you don’t need to contact support at all.

5. Uninterrupted operation or β€œuptime”. It is recommended to make a choice of hosting, on which this parameter will be not lower than 99.9% (β€œidle time” is not more than 50 minutes in one month).

AWS Cloud Hosting for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor provides the highest level of server availability of up to 99.99% of the time.

Learn more about the benefits of the best hosting for eCommerce. AWS Cloud Hosting was designed for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor based businesses.


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