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Custom Server Works For CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Users

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custom server works

Running a successful CS-Cart store or Multi-Vendor marketplace is a complex process that requires excellent programming and website administration skills. We offer a wide range of services to assure the highest performance and security for your eCommerce business.

Server configuration

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor configuration is a tweaking process. It influences the performance of the whole website and determines how fast it responds to web requests. Good site speed leads to positive user experience, high conversion, and retention rates.
We offer our expertize to solve the problems with store load speed, server resources utilization and stable availability.

Contact us to improve your server configuration to match your current business goal.

Configure my server

Server software installation and updates

Software installation sounds easy but may result in system failure and downtime. This happens due to the incompatibility of the software versions running on the server.
To protect your online store from possible attacks you need to update server software with the latest security patches. Patch installation is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and influences the work of the whole website.

Save your time and efforts, get the best result in the shortest time. Guaranteed by the experts.

Update server software now

Traffic optimization

Bot requests create additional load on your server and can slow it down significantly. We’ve scanned hundreds of servers to make a list of “good” bots that help you to increase online visibility and “bad” bots that add no value.

Apply a traffic filter to reduce the server load and release resources for business tasks.

Optimize traffic

SSL setup service

Customers are concerned about their payment and address info privacy and security. Installing an SSL certificate for your store is the best way to ensure your clients’ data is safe. Furthermore, HTTPS is a ranking factor. It means that stores with SSL will likely get more visitors from search engines as they will rank higher in search results. SSL configuration is a difficult process for a person without specific system administration skills.

Avoid SSL misconfiguration by entrusting us with this work.

Configure my SSL

Backup setup service

Backing up is critical for any online business. Your data can be lost anywhere – on the cloud server, on the dedicated server, on the local machine or on portable SSD, but it can’t be gone from everywhere at the same time. Diversify your data storage options. We back up all projects on a daily basis and we don’t keep copies on the same server or even in the same data center with the projects. We back up to a different data center. If something happens to a primary data center, we always have a copy in a different region.

We can set up your entire back up procedure the way to assure your business continuous operation.

Setup my backups

Security audit

For maximum security, we look for outdated software, available open ports, files, and directories that can be compromised. We neutralize or hide those backdoors that potential intruders can use in the future. We’ll tell you about critical security gaps in your server infrastructure.

Protect your website from intrusion. Store and process personal information in a safe environment.

Run security audit

Getting ready for PCI DSS compliance. Server side.

PCI DSS is a mandatory industry regulation for eCommerce. Certification will help your business to:

    1. Reduce the risk of liabilities such as the cost of any fraud on compromised card accounts
    2. Avoid security breaches, which cause legal and investigation costs
    3. Protect your reputation and build trust with your customers
    4. Prevent disruption to your business

We know and follow the latest guidelines of the regulators and help our clients to comply with PCI DSS. Enjoy the simplicity of getting ready for the certification with us.

Get ready for PCI DSS certification

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