Getting Your CS-Cart store or Multi-Vendor Ready for Christmas Sales

Roman Ananev

Another event is closing in for shoppers itching to spend their money on a good deal during Christmas or After Christmas sales. Sounds terrific, but chill and make sure your store is ready to take the most out of that story.


The features to watch for getting ready for Christmas sales

We made up a short list of 9 must-have add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor that will help you increase the revenue during and after the Christmas 2020. Find +1 idea in the end.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce

Setting up analytics is a primary thing to do for online stores. Enhanced eCommerce will sync your traffic, products, checkout, purchases, and transactions in a single system. You’ll be able to find the weak spots of the customers journey and optimize it to increase revenue the very next day.
See how it works >>>

Google Remarketing Tag

Did you drive traffic to your store? Well done, but what are going to do with them after they leave? Think of further retention and remarketing. Chase your visitors across the Internet and Social media by showing them the products they already liked in your store but did not purchase and bring them back to your store to close the deal.
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Product Labels

When you have shoppers on your website, think of a colorful label for your bestselling products and a beautiful atmosphere to make visitors feel like a party. Draw their attention with your Christmas Sales to engage the buyers with special deals and emphasize holiday offers of your store, like free shipping or loyalty program. Products marked with labels (‘Bestseller, Christmas Sale, New, etc.) can be filtered with a product filters block. Improve customers experience and boost engagement with a single tool.
See how it works >>>

Amazon Style Menu

Navigation is vital for the online store and vital for Multi-Vendor. With so many products available, it’s easy for the customers to get lost and forget what brought them to the storefront. A well-placed, clean and convenient main menu will save you lots of traffic and bring profit since it will save much time and effort for the customers to get to the product or category they are interested in. The menu has a style familiar to millions of shoppers around the world which they feel comfortable with.
Add a list with Christmas deals to the navigation to land the buyers tot he hottest deals with limited availability time. The urgency works perfectly to generate emotional and eventual purchases.
See how it works >>>

Full-Width Banner

Theming a shop for the Christmas season is a wise way to turn conventional deal hunters into buying customers. When your online store is themed for the holidays, it will excite the customers and get them into the holiday shopping spirit.  Add a Christmas-styled banner image to reinforce the holiday theme for our shop. It’s a subtle change, but it brings extra attention to your deals. Banners may also contain valuable information for holiday shoppers.

See how it works >>>

Product Bundles

Ok, now we have the visitors on the product page reading the description. Is there a way to push them towards the checkout and increase the profit at the same time? Easy – offer more products with a significant discount but with a higher order value. Product Bundles work! Buyers get more and pay less while you get a larger overall profit.
See how it works >>>

Sales & Social Proof

Urgency is a very strong motivating factor to make a decision towards a purchase. Transmit this feeling to your customers by displaying information about other customers’ activities to give extra motivation to proceed to checkout. Two people watching at the same good deal start competing, low stock triggers FOMO syndrome, information about recent purchases promotes best sellers and gives the desire ow owning. Use phycology to finally persuade customers to buy.
See how it works >>>

Enhanced Social Login

Make the purchase procedure less complicated. Give the customers an option to share their personal information with one click. Logging in has long ago become an industry standard for eCommerce. Simplify checkout to convert those customers that abandon it due to numerous fields to fill in and increase revenue.
See how it works >>>

MailChimp Advanced

Import your contacts’ email addresses and send them some Christmas e-cards! With MailChimp Advanced connected, it is so easy to create thematic lists, and then email your customers with the special offers.

See how it works >>>

One more idea to think of prior the holiday traffic spike is your hosting

Make sure your store will load fast regardless of the traffic volume and the number of concurring actions.
If you are an  Cloud Hosting user you have the ability to scale up the resources for several days and scale back down. But if you don’t have this option, think of assuring the high load speed for your store since no one will wait as there’ll be so many stores selling out their products with crazy discounts.



Though Christmas sale is not the same as BFCM, it requires prior preparation. Shoppers start buying Christmas gifts at the beginning of December and continue till the eve, so online merchants have almost the entire month to get involved in the chase for the profit, experiment and run targeted campaigns. But don’t wait too long as you risk getting late.

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