Global Marketing Day Takeaways, Part 1

Gayane Tamrazyan

The 30th of October 2019 a special day for digital marketers of the Globe. This day, a massive online marketing conference was streamed live. The ‘Global Marketing Day’ was organized by the SEMrush company absolutely for free. A peculiarity of this event consisted of bringing together 50+ marketing gurus from the most influencing companies like Google, Microsoft, Canon, Dell, Vodafone, and other world-known names to share their huge experience and knowledge in 15-minutes talks. The show was shot in four cities at once: London, New-York, Sydney, and San-Francisco, and got +48,000 registrants. The range of topics varied from ‘Content that drives revenue’ to ‘Creating a marketing team’! The Simtech Development team couldn’t just pass by an event of such a scale.

It was so exciting to speak at Global Marketing Day, filmed live from NYC and streamed around the world. Here’s a peek at the event process and what I got up to in the last few hours of this US trip.

Corrie Jones, CEO & Founder at UNTAPPEDDIGITAL

We picked up a part of theses for you here to save your time and help you to be in trend.

Can a Modern Marketing Function be Successful if Communications are Separate?

by FABIAN MARRONE from MONASH University

In this conversation, Fabian deals with what brand means for him. He tells that a brand is all about reputation. To enhance your brand reputation, you need to pay more attention to processes in your Company, product marketing, but also to communication. He thinks that marketing and comms should be linked. The thing is that a news story can break on social rather than through a press release or where a marketing campaign or advertisement is actually stemmed from a media announcement. Therefore comms and media planning needs to be done together.

Product and service marketing has been replaced with value-based and purpose marketing

Cutting Through Content Cacophony


Tania puts an emphasis on a challenge faced by modern content marketing. To her mind, content marketing now is more about understanding how to engage audiences effectively.

She says that there is only one purpose of content marketing:

Understand your Customer Beyond the Tip of the Human Iceberg

According to Tania, the said iceberg consists of three zones which are: 

#1. Public Zone: a customer name, occupation, role, title, etc.

#2. Social Zone: social media, gender, experience, family situation, preferences and so on.

#3. Personal Zone – a zone where a person’s cults, tribes, and fans form.

To succeed in your content marketing, you will need to adopt 5 Cs while creating content. It should be clear (concise, continuous), creative (or courageous), customer-told, and collaborative. To make it possible, Tania advises to:

• Provide only what exactly your audience would like to know

• Use more links for deeper information

• Constantly repeat these two first steps for better results

• Differentiate your brand

• Create urgency and emotional connection

• Make customers tell about their experience to be a part of those stories. Stories allow to outreach the audience’s ‘Personal Zone’

• Involve teams and stakeholders into content creation to avoid content creation in silos

• Get feedback from your customer fans to know what people actually think about your business.

SEO at Scale: Growing your results faster by managing inflection points


Michael presents several cases where he tries to show different scenarios for an SEO team evolution upon a time. The first case tells us about the beginner’s level. A workflow in such a team might consist of:

  • researching
  • writing
  • uploading
  • publishing
  • outreaching

And the results of such teamwork would be:

‘More URLs = more SEO traffic

More SEO traffic = more sales



He continues with the assumption that the next step in an SEO team evolution would be an aspiration to create more content and a need for hiring one more person to manage the whole workflow.

‘Our Copywriter can do n articles

More Writers = More Content

We hire more people or outsource

So we hire an editor to manage the numerous writers’.

Then, Michael extrapolates his thought and supposes that content amounts become bigger and wider including landing pages, blog posts, guides, marketing, and onboarding pages. Thus, at some moment of time, an SEO expert should become an all-in-one person to coordinate the cross-discipline issues.

We are producing more content that will likely ever be consumed. Most content will exist with very few people seeing it. We are creating exponential waste’

As a result, a company gets less ROI per URL and a growing team that should always increase their skills. To get control over the situation, Michael offers the SEO experts to improve their skills and if impossible, to consult with experts. 

What do we need to learn/upskill in? Is there someone better? Delegate, Invest in Team Training, Hire Someone Better Than Yourself

He also advises to get rid of bureaucracy:

Where appropriate approvals are required, decision latency is very short. If everything is tied up in bureaucracy – kill it!

How to Grow Your Instagram Audience For 2020


The company under Alexandra’s supervision managed to grow its audience from 1 person to 10,000 followers for a period from October 2017 to September 2018. She gives the reasons why they focused on social media and not on search.

There are more than three billion users on social networks across the globe and it’s where your customers are. On Instagram alone, 80 percent of users are following at least one business. Google’s sending your website’s less traffic, and featured snippets are taking a lot of traffic. In q1 of 2019, 50% of Google search results ended up with zero clicks

She suggests focusing on social media and shares her Company experience in the growing audience using the following five steps:

  • Build your online brand.
  • Create original content 
  • Apply influencer marketing 
  • Apply cross-platform promoting
  • Give back to your users.

Alexandra emphasizes that a company’s social media profile is as important as is its homepage. Thus, you need to put all efforts into building your online presence on social media. She advises using the power of highlights as Instagram allows introducing up to 100 evergreen stories. Besides, she recommends putting your brand-specific hashtag in bio to tell more about your business and connect more user-generated content. A business profile should have a really strong call-to-action in bio as it is allowed to use only one link. This link should be very clear so that people know exactly what they’re going to.

Alexandra shares the best practices about how the feed should look like in an Instagram business account. It is better to choose a theme and stick to it to add consistency to the social media page. This includes not only the colors, but also the type of content that can be shareable, entertainment, or informative. To make the content more viral, she advises using some content editing tools: Pixlr, Canva, Adobe Lightroom, tool and others. Then, Alexandra highlights influencer marketing which is going to be the trend of 2020. But she warns brands to be very cautious about who they invite for brand promotion as one and the same model can promote several competing brands. She recommends micro-influencers for small brands to outreach the audience. For cross-platform advertising, Alexandra recommends placing banners throughout the website to remind people that you have a social account.


Obviously, it’s almost undoable to cover all topics spoken at Global Marketing Day. A recap of the event is available at SEMrush official website. We’ll continue reviewing the marketing topics of this global event. Meanwhile, you can explore what is the Simtech Development team. And if you want to get our skillful team’s expertise, feel free to contact us at any time!


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