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How to Name Your Online Shop? 4 Easy Hints

Imagine you’re placing the signage with your company name above the entrance to your resto or clothing shop… You’re selling under this nameplate which should reflect your company mission, promote your product and/or service, a name that your business deserves. What it would be?

This step is as crucial as building the store itself.

A website naming is a lot like this. Let us figure out how to attract more customers with the right title and not to fail while selecting a matching name!

Below is the cheat sheet for you to keep before your eyes while naming:

How to Name Your Online Shop? 4 Easy Hints

Let us go box by box:

#1. New: Surprise with your name but not repugn!

Take the example of Simtech. It is a new word consisting of two names: the first part represents the Company origin which is Simbirsk, the old name for Ulyanovsk city. And the Company is proud of being located here. It is the IT capital of the Volga region in Russia. ‘Tech’ might seem cliched. However, being super-creative is a common mistake of all beginners. Too original is risky as your audience may not understand you. You’ll remain just a weird word in your clients’ brains.

Use the following tools helping in creating words:

Domain Name Generator
Lean Domain Search
Domain Hole

#2. Easy: Keep it short!

A name for your online shop should be like a splinter in your customers’ minds. To be a splinter, it should be short, sharp and easy! Avoid numbers, they are the hardest to remember! Don’t complicate it with hyphens, word obesity, non-standard extensions. Think about your customers. Make your name easy to pronounce in order not to hurdle spreading the word of mouth about your brand.

You can select a name with a ‘weird’ registrar, if:

  • You’re a non-profit organization, .org is your choice!
  • You’re a blogger, you can consider .blog or .me extension!

Take a glance at the dictionary before you start:


#3 Key: Let the search engines recognize you!

Search Engine Optimization is something that is working for you on a cumulative basis. But the foundations are led in the beginning and start from naming. Do some research to know the most popular words to bring organic searchers to your website.

These services will be of great assistance here:

Google Keyword Planner

#4 Law: Check the background!

Explore your potential domain title history: who else use this or similar word on social media? Who was the previous owner (in case you’ve already picked up one)? Apply these applications:

Wayback Machine

Double-check the service that provides you with the name. It should be a reputable company that you can trust.


Meanwhile, even without the domain name chosen, you can start building your online business! Host your business with us and create the domain name later. After you opt for and register the name we’ll change it accordingly on the server.

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