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PWA vs Responsive

Responsive Theme vs PWAjet: Speed Test Results

This post deals with a comparison of an average responsive theme and PWAjet. We concider approaches for theme development and customization, components used in theme and PWA development. At the end of the post, we state a table with speed test results to understand what is better for mobiles: a mobile-responsive theme or PWA.

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Simtech Development Is A Proud Supporter of Small Businesses

We know being a small business in this current climate can be tough and right now everyone needs to support each other. Here at Simtech Development, we got you. Since 2005, we’ve helped small and local businesses develop eCommerce sites and websites. We’re a dedicated team of creative professionals helping businesses just like yours. We provide custom development, turnkey projects, and audit services.

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Why you emails sometimes go to spam?

Why Emails Sometimes Go To Spam?

From this article you will get to know what the spam is, how to craft your letters to avoid looking as spam, technical reasons of going to spam, and the best practices to reach the customer inboxes.

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What Merchants Say About Simtech Services and Products: Research Takeaways

Here you’ll find interviews with the CS-Cart entrepreneurs – our customers. Across different business areas, they all work on or in the process of transferring their online shop or marketplace on the CS-Cart shopping platform. Below is a collection of quotes and thoughts of the founders who share their invaluable experience that was helpful in building up their eCommerce businesses. The interviewees who agreed to take part in our search asked us not to disclose their websites’ names as they’re still within construction and not yet released. So, we publish only the answers without links.

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What Is an ERP System In Simple Words and How It Works (With Examples)

When a company grows, management systems must evolve with it. So let’s determine the requirements for the ERP software solutions and find out why it is useful to have software that meets the business needs.

Enterprises were previously equipped with accounting, financial and personnel management systems, but the software was not interconnected. The modern enterprise resource management solutions bring various processes into a table and create a single control cycle.

Existing solutions allow each department to keep abreast of the work of others. As a result, the accounting and HR departments easily collaborate with customer relations and sales.

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Interview With Entrepreneur: Humble Market

Humble Market is an eco-aware marketplace built on the Multi-Vendor platform. The marketplace owner is our valued customer. We made a great good deal of modifications suggested by the entrepreneur himself. The story of our mutual cooperation even placed itself into the record of our best cases. In this article, let us introduce Daryl, the founder of Humble Market!

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