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Mobile Application for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Is Your Business Growth Point

Roman Ananev

Mobile application for CS-Cart shopping cart and Multi-Vendor has seen the release recently. It’s opening new opportunities for the business owners to acquire new distribution and marketing channels to increase sales.

The advantages of the mobile application for eCommerce

While being a more complicated tool then a common online store, the mobile application has several undeniable pros.

1. It is always in the customers pocket

Unlike PC, a mobile phone is always somewhere around. We take it everywhere – to the office, to the groceries, to the club or to visit our friends. Even if the PC is close enough to reach it, most of us will prefer to use a smartphone just because you don’t need to stand up or to switch it on. Mobile is always on and ready to execute your request right now.

2. Customers with 100% chance will see your push-notifications

This high rate of deliverability to the consumers’ eyes is by itself worth having a mobile application. Driven by FOMO syndrome (Fear of missing out) people check on each and every notification coming to their mobiles. Among Viber or Instagram messages they will see your promotions or news.

3. Smartphones simplify the payment procedures

Payment methods provided by the phones manufacturers are safer and easier to use than the classic methods. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, contactless POS devices, e-wallets or SMS payments – all these ways to transmit money to the vendor were designed for mobile devices to enable fast and effortless shopping. Especially in mobile applications.

4. Mobile applications are ergonomic, laconic, convenient and highly converting

Limited with the sizes of mobile displays, applications keep the content short, informative and to the point. Consumers love familiar and comprehensive mobile navigation inside the app. And short “noiseless” descriptions give them all the necessary information to make a purchase decision.

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When your eCommerce business is ready for the mobile application

Tiny one-man startups might be unprepared to manage a mobile app as it may be too costly or can take too much time. The proper time to launch this channel comes when your online store or marketplace is strong enough to stand on its own feet.

Your store has numerous repeated orders

This one means you have a dedicated audience that loves your products. So why not take their shopping experience to the next level and make it available everywhere they go. Plus, those customers won’t be annoyed by your push-notifications.

You store traffic is over 5,000 visitors a day

This guarantees that driving customers to the application won’t negatively influence your main website. You don’t want search engines to see your direct or organic traffic drop rapidly, because they may think your website does not longer interest your visitors and will decrease its ranking.

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Improve your online store mobile application

Being a certified CS-Cart partner, Simtech Development immediately responded to the initiative and opened a custom development unit for mobile applications. And you are the first to whom we proudly tell about this.
If you have already purchased a mobile application for the store, then we will be happy to help you to think over the customization logic and tune the application to meet your business goals and improve your customers’ experience.

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If you have not had an opportunity to purchase the application, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the demo versions at the nearest opportunity: 

App for iOS

App for Android


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