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Simtech Development Loyalty Program Future Changes

Roman Ananev
loyalty program simtechdev

As you know, we suspended the previous Loyalty Program in January but have left all the discounts at the same level until a new programme is launched in April 2019. This post is a sneak peek of what’s new Loyalty Program will bring with some background of the redesigning process.
The main reasons

  • We are constantly receiving your letters with requests for new add-ons and additional functionalities, so we decided to dedicate this year to the release of new products. We are planning to release at least ONE add-on a month. The Pop-up Notifications Pro was released in January 2019. Add-ons for Instagram, push notifications, SEO and other analytics in the admin panel are going to be next.
  • We have already developed more than 120 add-ons. We will continue to improve them. We release more than 10 improvements a week.
  • We are going to release new services such as technical support, personal modifications, analysis of Google Analytics and SEO setting up.
  • We will add a license to every add-on. Illegal copying and use will be excluded, it is a guarantee of additional security for the clients.
  • We developed our own Upgrade Center. All the add-ons will be added to the system. This tool will guarantee the safety of your store during upgrades.
  • Multistorefronts.

These are the reasons to adopt and improve the Loyalty Program. It should work for owners of the stores, web studio developers and resellers as well.
That is why we will accept the following system in April 2019:

  • Buy from $X and get a 10% discount
  • Buy from $Y and get a 20% discount
  • Buy from $Z during N months and get an additional regular discount for additional N months
  • The size of the discounts will depend on the client category.

Note! Currently, the discounts of the previous program are active. In April 2019 only the rules of the new Loyalty Program will work for all the clients.

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