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Synchronization of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with QuickBooks Online

Gayane Tamrazyan

Accounting is the language of business.

Warren Buffett

Accurate bookkeeping is the key to any business success. Happily, we’ve got lots of apps and tools that make this tiresome work easier helping to keep data updated, reducing the manual feed and offering the ability to see the full picture upon making one click.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online is one of those automatic accounting tools. The service now hits over 3.4 million users, and half of them are self-employed entrepreneurs. It is a perfect solution for eCommerce and the best match for small- and medium-sized businesses. The software is distributed by subscription. In its basic functionality, it allows tracking sales, expenses, and profits, creating and sending invoices, and generating reports. The software is cloud-based so its online access is what today’s reality dictates to business owners to continuously run a business from any place and even device.

The benefits of synchronizing CS-Cart with QuickBooks

  • Simplified working process: you can run synchronization on a schedule to have all the required data updated.
  • Errors reduction: automatic synchronization ensures accurate data exchange.
  • Time-saving: you are free of tedious manual work.


How to get the synchronization with QuickBooks Online?

The default CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor already have the QuickBooks add-on designed to enable export orders in IIF (Intuit Interchange Format, the specific format of QBO) files and use them for their further import into QuickBooks Online.
After enabling the default add-on in your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor store, you will be able to manually export the created orders to QuickBooks Online. However, it won’t make your store automatically synched with QuickBooks Online.
For syncing your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor-based store with your already registered QuickBooks Online account, you can apply our add-on QuickBooks Online Integration. In March 2019 the terms and conditions of the add-on will be modified.
It will be a synchronization via API of the following items.


Your shop will automatically send data to QuickBooks Online upon creating, updating, deleting and importing products. In your admin panel, you will see a link ‘Export products to QBO’.  
The QBO and CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor dashboards will map the following:

  • CS-Cart fields -> QBO fields
  • Product name -> Name
  • Product code -> SKU
  • Amount -> Amount
  • Price -> Price
  • Item Id -> Item Id
  • QBO Category -> Category
  • Income account -> Income account
  • Expense account -> Expense account
  • Preferred Vendor -> Preferred Vendor



Your shop will automatically send data to QuickBooks Online upon creating, updating, deleting and importing customers. Look at what fields will be synched in both dashboards:

  • CS-Cart fields -> QBO fields
  • Customer ID -> Customer ID
  • Email -> Email
  • First Name -> First name
  • Last Name -> Last name
  • Billing address -> Billing address
  • Shipping address -> Shipping address



Data will be sent to QuickBooks Online upon changes in order status, updating the already synched order, and importing an order. Orders are mapped as follows:

  • CS-Cart fields -> QBO fields
  • QBO Order ID -> ID
  • Order ID -> Sales Receipt No.
  • Admin note -> Message displayed on the statement
  • Customer note -> Message displayed on the invoice
  • Payment method -> Payment method
  • Product items -> Product items
  • Discount -> Discount
  • Tax -> Tax

After syncing is done, the only thing you will have to do is to start the uploading process and all the required data will be synchronized automatically.


Want to know how to sync your CS-Cart store or Multi-Vendor with QuickBooks? Drop us a line!




Simtech Development team will help you tune syncing of the data from your online store to the system or vice versa to export and import orders, products, and customers via API. If more functionality or customization is required, our team is ready to study your request and offer a solution to fit your needs.


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