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Summarizing Year 2022: What Has SimtechDev Achieved?

Simtech Development celebrated its 17th anniversary with a number of major achievements that we want to share with you.

What’s new?

  • 37% increase in sales of custom development projects
  • 340 clients (including 155 first-time customers)
  • 2108 add-ons sold
  • 3.6% acceleration in development time 57.6% customer satisfaction rate
  • +53 new employees, including 5 Simtech School Alumni
  • 1 webinar held
  • 1 office in Uzbekistan launched

New services

In 2023 we plan to provide Proof of Concept verification for future online stores, free UI/UX audit, SEO optimization, expand the technology stack, including  Laravel, and continue to improve the quality of customer service.

Let’s dive into details.

Year of Growth

We continue to grow global and offer our customers the best price with consistently high quality work.

Leadership Team

This year, three new employees joined the Company top management: Сommercial Director, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. Based on the experience of new leaders, we plan to bring the best management practices by improving business processes, strengthening corporate culture, and increasing customer satisfaction.

eCommerce Trends

2022 was marked by a drop in offline sales, while eCommerce is experiencing a skyrocketed growth. The main trend of 2023 is the development of marketplaces. This year Simtech Development held a webinar to dive deep into the topic and discuss how to launch your own marketplace in two months.

We answered  some tricky questions  and provided valuable insights for launching a marketplace.

We have shown a 30% year over year growth for the last 3 years, which is typical for young startups with a small amount of business. In our case, the company tracks its history back to 2005. It is no exaggeration to say that the amount of projects is at peak. This year we saw an increase of business with customers who invest + $10K in their projects. The average order value increased due to great team efforts made by all the departments enabled QED Consulting training. We strengthened our management team to continue the ongoing transformation. Hopefully, we’ll maintain the momentum of rapid growth by expanding the product portfolio. Even now we offer not only custom development, add-ons, dedicated development, but also hosting, and load testing. This year we will add SEO and expand the technology stack.

sergey markin

commercial director

Custom Development

In 2022, we have optimized business processes to focus on custom development services.

The Development Department is introducing the Docker platform into the development process for virtualization, containerization, and continuous deployment of applications. The platform allows us to quickly test and release applications, run the required number of containers on one machine, which saves time on releasing changes, especially in large projects.

We have launched the service “Architecture Design” and added system and business analysts at project start to optimally design the site structure and select a technology stack.


We worked on infrastructure and carried out load testing of the new CS-Cart Enterprise product. The platform is enabled to carry 15 million products and handle complex search algorithms.

We launched a new personal account area with advanced tools for managing servers, ability to pay for services and messaging with an omnichannel approach. The team began providing new services: IT security audit of projects and Development and implementation of IT infrastructure for clients who need custom server solutions.

The team has released 2 new service packs, making the use of the CS-Cart platform even more secure.

Our plans include launching a geo-balanced fault-tolerant CDN that will solve the problem with long loading of thumbnails. Thumbnails will no longer be generated on client servers.

Now, the hosting team is actively working with third-party partners to offer the most optimal solutions to our customers. A lot of positive feedback has already been received from customers who have undergone load testing and performance audits.

Our motto is ‘Entrust server work to professionals!’. In 2023, we are committed to maintaining the same high level of service, introducing new services and tools to close any, even the most ambitious client infrastructure tasks to increase project productivity.

roman ananyev

asap lab


In 2022, we focused our efforts on the digitization of HR processes.

I was one of the main initiators of digitizing HR as much as possible. The first thing we get is the acceleration of all processes. Secondly, when processes are digitized, nothing is lost or forgotten. Thirdly, with digitalization, it is possible to build forecasts and long-term plans.

Airat Nurtdinov


As a result of digitization of HR processes by 2023:

  • We are hiring new employees faster. The term for closing a vacancy was reduced to 2 months (on average for the industry more than 2 months).
  • eNPS (employee satisfaction rate) is 15%
  • The level of involvement (enthusiasm and willingness to complete tasks) is 78%. The industry average is 50%.

What does it mean to our customer? Candidates willingly respond to our job offers, and employees feel comfortable working for Simtech Development. Satisfied staff perform their tasks with  dedication.

Year of Expansion

Simtech Development is seeing an active growth of specialists due to the involvement of remote employees. The increase is also due to expansion to Uzbekistan. The company helped current employees relocate and  attracted specialists from Uzbekistan by opening an office in Tashkent.

“When the decision was made to scale up the business and open another office, we considered various options. Uzbekistan turned out to be the best: there is a program of state support for IT companies, and young people are most interested in getting an IT profession there.”

Alibek Salamatov

CEO at Simtech Development

By hiring specialists all over the world we get more opportunities to find the most highly qualified personnel. With the expansion of the staff, we can solve problems faster!

Year of Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Simtech Development has launched regular customer surveys to measure Customer Experience (CSAT), an index of customer satisfaction. In November-December 2022, it reached 57.58%. Net Promoter Score – the level of consumer loyalty – reached 28%. More and more clients are ready to recommend us to other companies. And this is a good indicator. According to the survey conducted among the company’s clients, the quality of communication with the team was most appreciated. In 2023, we will continue to expand and scale our customer support. Our quality assurance specialists work meticulously on every customer complaint. To resolve a problem, we form a focus group, which finds the best solution.

Our plan is to keep on digitizing the key business processes of dedicated development, to speed up and reduce time from lead to deal.

Svetlana Babachenko

Head of Quality Management

With the digitization of processes, we will be able to better track bottlenecks and deliver new modifications with high quality on time.

Year of Charity

In December 2022, the company’s employees visited the animal shelter.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraiser, with the funds raised we bought 120 kg of dog food, 112 packs of cat food. Special thanks to everyone who took the time on the day off and came to the shelter.

Anna Danilkina

HR specialist

Let 2023 be even better

Every year brings us an experience that challenges and transforms us. We believe in positive change and strive for it. We wish you a more peaceful and safe 2023 full of new hopes, new joys and new beginnings!